Saturday, 12 January 2013

12 Jan 2013 _ Cloud Forest

went to Garden By The Bay and visited the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome.

i must say that these 2 places were very well planned and maintained. the amount of planning and labour that went into these places must be huge, and really do make singapore live up to its' name as a Garden City.

the cloud forest really give you the feeling of being in a rainforest, high up on some hill. the waterfall and mist (as cloud) really do give one a realistic feeling. the nice cool temperature also help one to forget that you are in tropical singapore. there are also many levels for you to explore and learn about our environment.

as for the flower dome, the plants are well taken care of and there is an astonishing variety of plants. the cool temperature helps the flowers to bloom beautiful. it was almost as if i was back in UK, where you can see nice big blooms. it was simply amazing to see and touch the different plants. makes one appreciates the beauty of nature. and with CNY coming right up, flower dome will truely brighten up the spring celebration!

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