Monday, 25 March 2013

What is really Amazing

i am not on a mission to bash anyone, so if you are going to be all sensitive please leave this page now.

recently an article appeared in the local papers about how a lawyer woke from her coma. (cr: The Straits Times )

in the article, it was reported how medically it would be impossible for her to wake from her coma as she had something called brain stem death, plus there was some irreversible damage to her heart valves which only a heart transplant can save her. in short, dun wake up die, wake up die from heart failure. it was also stated how she "dreamt" about a man visiting her and tell her to follow him should she wish to move, and yet she "sensed" that he was evil and prayed for him to go away. she also said that the man threatened to take her daughter away and she renounced him as she was a child of god. then she woke up. and her damaged heart valves were as good as new.

wah, pretty uplifting and amazing right? wrong! this woman has been a believer for ages and probably can quote from the bible left right up down. during her coma, who is to say that her brain was doing some internal housekeeping since it was in a "downtime mode" and thus could have caused her "dreams". also the current medical equipment can only detect so much. true that they are very sensitive but there is always a cutoff. perhaps her brain was active but was not picked up by the machines. and everyone's biochemistry is different. you and i are two completely different individuals here. who knows, maybe during her coma she was given some drugs or whatever that reacted with her biochemistry and caused her body to repair the damages. come on, having a religion is good but just because no one can explain, one just credit or dump it on religion? hello?????

i would like to see religion at work to fix some of the problems we are facing now. take india for example, could religion give these rapists some moral? stop all these senseless rapes and degrading abuses that women has to face. could religion stop or provide food for the hungry and poorest in africa? make it rain and let them be able to farm. i am asking for rainwater and not rain food down.

now for something really amazing.

need i say more.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Monday Couple Daebak!

when i feel down, MC never fails to cheer me up. whether it is pics, cartoons or vids, MC is the best!

some of my fave cartoons of MC (cr: to baidu and RMdoodle)

 he gave the milk to her regardless of the previous pop idol gal guests

 my fave... totally love love love

one of the best vids for ep 135. Jackie Chan Jjiang!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Every Woman's Weakness. Every Man's Fear?

ha ha ha ha..... my fave MC again to create some laughter! credit goes to The YJS, youtube.

just date each other and the whole entire MCshippers will rejoice!