Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Dreaded Chinese New Year 2013 - Preview

ok..... the biggest holiday for chinese is coming right up, yes Chinese New Year 2013 is coming. and i dread it. you may say "hey, it is the year of the snake and you are born in the year of the snake!" it is my year and i am proud of it BUT CNY gives me the shivers.

here's why:
1. mad rush of cleaning. just in case inspector relatives come knocking.
2. mad rush to stock up food. cos most/all suppliers will be closed for days, so it is like preparing for war.
3. mad rush to get new clothes, at least for kids.
4. preparing red packets. and hoping that i have not missed out anyone important.
5. bored kids. no school and they are at home.

i have already washed the curtains in dec 2012, so they should be relatively clean during CNY in feb 2013.

just have to start slowly buying frozen mixed vegs and some canned food. the fresh stuff, vegs and fruits, will have to wait. the worst is the price increase and the most affected food will be the meat and seafood, not to mentioned the variety will be restricted to the "big and expensive" types.

red packets as below. i have not completed the packing but 90% done!

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