Monday, 9 June 2014

Human body

the science centre has a new exhibit, the human body. we went there today. it is S$15 for kid, human body + science centre, and S$20 for adult. personally you are basically paying for the human body if you have been to the science centre before. still i think it is quite worth the experience as you get 2 run through the body. totally recommended!

human body pics
before being swallowed. see the mouth in the background

inside the lungs

our virtual guide. think we are supposed to be inside him

pumping heart

our new friend

our new friend

inside the brain


neurons firing away

going into the stomach. the walls are moving to give you a feeling of a turning tunnel

other science centre exhibits

burning away the sugar

still burning away cos legs too short to pedal properly

gradient room

astro me

astro me

9 June 2014 Bry Composition

tis is wat bry wrote after brush teeth. the most amazing thing is that he did it all on his own. i was busied with housework and he sat down with his writing pad and pen and started writing. at first i tot he was copying words from his assessment book but was surprised when i saw wat he wrote.

there are lots of mistakes but i must give him an A for effort. well done!!!

btw, Lenny is his "woman" (favourite pillow from young).