Sunday, 14 April 2013

Passing of A Great Dame

Margaret Thatcher passed on 8 april 2013. she was probably the most influential and powerful woman that ever held office and it was considered quite a feat of women in the 1980s.

i feel very disgusted by reports that her opponents may plan to hold a party to celebrate her death. come on ppl, she has stepped down from office for decades and even though she ruled with an iron clad fist (she is known as the iron lady), she did so in a time when it was probably unthinkable for a woman to hold such a high office.

regardless of what her policies were then, i am not a political person but do admire her courage to stand for her and her party beliefs, she did so out of the considerations what may be best for Britain then. she was known to have a sharp mind and even in her later years, her daughter said that she still had that spark and flashes of brilliance that had served the country then.

indeed a great woman that redefined the times.

to be exact, she was really the man for the job and she went on to prove it to the best of her abilities.

i dun see how anyone should be holding a party to celebrate her death. i think the world would be a poorer place has she not taken office then.

Mrs Thatcher, you have given all and so much more to your country and the world. Thank you for stepping out and stepping up.

Useless Quote

useless quote from a useless person, who thinks he is so damn bloody smart and good.

1. the mind is like a knife, you have to keep it sharp.

yeah yeah yeah..... but what is the point of keeping either mind or knife sharp when you dun concentrate on the task needed. this was quoted in the context of studying but totally useless cos the kid was playing around and not concentrating. thus the simple task of revising spelling becomes a game for kid and person and only makes the observer angry cos

"study time is NOT play time."

Saturday, 13 April 2013

LeeSSang Champion

i never realised the story behind this song and had downloaded it mths ago as it was very pleasing to hear. i must say that i dun understand korean and rely heavily on subtitles to understand drama, variety show and songs.

the song was written after the death of a korean boxer choi yo sam who collapsed after a match and was decleared braindead on 9 jan 2009. he was a personal friend of LeeSSang, as both Gary and Gil were boxers in their late twenties. after the death of choi, it was revealed that he kept a diary of his hopes and dreams and fears. and thru the personal relationship, this song was born.

with gary simple yet touching lyrics, this indeed is a fitting tribute to a dear friend.