Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Monday Couple! You're the Best!

i love my RM monday couple.

er..... mr kang, you are so rich. just write more songs using your feel, soul and life!!!

Monday, 25 February 2013

2nd Session of OT

today is the second session for bry and, as requested by therapist, i brought up the brushing teeth to her. just a side note, the father went today and he thought that bry was going for speech therapy few days ago. no comments.

the therapist asked about how the situation is like when brushing and we explained to her how we managed it individually and expectations. i told her that i am getting him to brush on his own since he is already 5, my mum will probably supervise and i dun expect much since she is just helping out. the father mentioned that his target is for kids to brush independently by age of 8. the therapist, politely, state that at age of 5 adults should be in a supervisor role and getting child to brush on his own. i am getting there while the father got some baby mentality. anyway, when asked about my expectation, i was getting bit upset and told her that my aim is to let bry be independent and to make it easier for my mum, cos to wait for kid's neurons to connect will take eons and a little push is needed. if the therapist thought we have problems, she can confirm it today. i am not going to back down and go along his baby mentality.

she gave some steps to follow to establish a routine and encouraged us to follow. the steps are not too difficult and the only problem is probably not to get drawn into bry attentions seeking tactics and have a verbal exchange.

next, she went to taught some simple skills to correct bry's grip and asked if any one from extended family has the same problem. none on my side and the father holds the pencil in the same manner as kids (could be habit). she went on to explain that it could be likely genetic as the muscle or structure between the thumb and forefinger is weak, and this is clearly seen in bry case. bry doesn't have the strength to hold a small clothes peg open and place it on the edge of a container. i bought a new box of pegs for him to practice at home. next she got him to use a tweezers to pick up green beans and place them in a bowl. again bry did poorly and she commented that at this age he should be able to do it well and fast. guess where all her toys are kept, in the fine motor skills.

i have some catching up to do.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Happy Birthday Kang Gary

Happy Birthday to the heart and soul of LeeSsang, Kang Gary!

a very funny clip.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Occupational Therapy Session 1

went for the 1st session of occupational therapy with bry. today is just the inital assessment and to find out more details. the therapist spoke to me while bry played in a gym rm, he had fun and was amazed at the things there. we spoke about his behaviour at home, my concerns, feedbacks from school, behaviour at school etc. she then assessed bry writing skill, mayb a better word will be study skills, and commented he has good handwriting and able to concentrate on the given tasks.

i was surprised that he was able to draw lines using ruler (vertically but not horizonally) as i never ask him to do so at home and wasn't too sure if he does it in school. another surprising task was the use of scissors, i told the therapist the father refused to let him use scissors as bry may not follow instructions and may hurt himself. the therapist mentioned that drawing lines and use of scissors are essential skills for primary school and encourage me to let him practice at home.

i must state that i am not treating these sessions (have another one next monday) as quick fix to bry behaviour, nor am i using them as bashing sessions. the therapist did ask me some questions and i decided to be truthful regarding how the father (i always refer as the father to her) has different views with handling bry, even brought up the example about prof koh recommendation to sit bry on the chair instead of the hi-chair during meals and how the father response (summarised verison) was since dr feel bry is grown up then bry can go out and work. i think there is nothing to be ashamed of since i am not making things up but just being truthful.

homework of the week, she asked me to pick a problematic behaviour that i would like bry to change and she will help me. her initial diagnosis (do you call that or assessment) is that bry is not hyperactive or attention deficient, bry is relative bright and it is common for brighter child to suss (her words) out which individuals are push over (as in the case with his chinese teacher) or find loopholes to make use.

i am glad that bry is not hyperactive and hopefully with the help of these sessions and psycholoist, his behaviour will be better managed.

probably not a good place to mention but just briefly, had another arguement with the father over the kids's violent playing (re-enactment) of the cartoon characters. they were getting into an arguement and bry was getting upset and repeatedly told dom to stop talking. dom was saying anything to him but kept on his monologue, to the extend that bry was going to start crying. i had made my stand very clear regarding this issue, my decision was not for them to play/re-enact the cartoon characters and no more watching the show. i refused to step in to defuse the situation and carried on messaging my fren. the father exploded and kinda of trashed the kids' lego toys, shouting at them and me, saying how i am controling blab blab. i told him my decision regarding this issue and his reply was dom can watch but dun play with bry.

wat can i say. i have a bad temper but i will not harm kids especially i see something being a negative influence to them. his response was separate, separate and separate.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

LeeSsang Piano Cover

these are amazing!!!! i am now using them as ringtones!

turn off the tv

you're the answer to a guy like me


Mobile No. Changed?

this is really to let off steam.

tat Father got a new mobile abt 2-3wks back and since it is not an apple, i believed he had some difficulties to sync data to the new mobile.

so today, CNY eve, he finally took both mobiles out. obviously i have been curious abt the possible number change. come on, i dun need to contact him for MY emergencies but for KIDS. and should he just inform the schools abt the change in number but not me, it should say a lot abt this ?man?

kids got a little accident spilling the water and it was probably bry but he denied. tat Father decided to join in the "teaching" and started going on abt how bry should he continue will become a dishonest person etc. i got so fed up, and shouted at him to shut up. i was already unhappy over an issue with dom and now with bry. tat Father got angry and scolded me for being "not right in the head" cos he tot i was going blame it on dom (even though it was obvious who spilled the water).

anyway, i got angry and spoke loudly to dom to ask tat Father if there was any change to his mobile no. i missed called him and "behold" the old apple sounded. so i asked him. guess his reply. his reply was why i dun ask when he got the new mobile and ask now. WTF! i told him i was waiting for him to tell me, i need to know should i need to contact him regarding kids, i added that he wouldn't be informed should anything happened to me and the funeral home will not even call him. bit of history, he refused to answer any calls from my mobile. tat Father went on to tell me house line not changed, fibre optic has a number but not used, apple mobile not changed and i dun need to be concerned abt the new mobile. i told him he wan to use new mobile for his "extra activities" (whether he has someone, not my problem) is his business but i must know if he changed his mobile number. then he say he will be keeping apple as backup and will soon port the number to new mobile (i believed he changed telco when he signed for the fibre optic).

see what kind of person i have to put up with? doesn't lift a finger to help teach kids and still dared to comment that i multi-tasked mobile with kids, which i have stopped, but he is now surgically attached to his mobile. then again, it is ok for him but not anyone else.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Kang Gary - His music, His love, His life

I am really not laughing.


the girl who can't breakup, the boy who can't leave

You are the answer to a guy like me

pursuit of happiness

Kang Gary!

My fave RM cast. these are some stuff i found on FB regarding Mr Random Capable! (cr: FB Kang Gary - 강 개리)

he stays true to his roots and self, despite of the success that he has achieved with music.

the fact that Leessang stayed with the same management company until now, and how both of them are willing to forego material comfort to be able to continue creating their own brand of music. you dun see that in many celebrities now.

Gary Guard!

so sweet..... someone commented that the girl (in question) was his first love, i only knew that he wrote the 3rd song due to the failed relationship, didn't know that he has written 4 songs to signify the relationship.