Saturday, 9 February 2013

Mobile No. Changed?

this is really to let off steam.

tat Father got a new mobile abt 2-3wks back and since it is not an apple, i believed he had some difficulties to sync data to the new mobile.

so today, CNY eve, he finally took both mobiles out. obviously i have been curious abt the possible number change. come on, i dun need to contact him for MY emergencies but for KIDS. and should he just inform the schools abt the change in number but not me, it should say a lot abt this ?man?

kids got a little accident spilling the water and it was probably bry but he denied. tat Father decided to join in the "teaching" and started going on abt how bry should he continue will become a dishonest person etc. i got so fed up, and shouted at him to shut up. i was already unhappy over an issue with dom and now with bry. tat Father got angry and scolded me for being "not right in the head" cos he tot i was going blame it on dom (even though it was obvious who spilled the water).

anyway, i got angry and spoke loudly to dom to ask tat Father if there was any change to his mobile no. i missed called him and "behold" the old apple sounded. so i asked him. guess his reply. his reply was why i dun ask when he got the new mobile and ask now. WTF! i told him i was waiting for him to tell me, i need to know should i need to contact him regarding kids, i added that he wouldn't be informed should anything happened to me and the funeral home will not even call him. bit of history, he refused to answer any calls from my mobile. tat Father went on to tell me house line not changed, fibre optic has a number but not used, apple mobile not changed and i dun need to be concerned abt the new mobile. i told him he wan to use new mobile for his "extra activities" (whether he has someone, not my problem) is his business but i must know if he changed his mobile number. then he say he will be keeping apple as backup and will soon port the number to new mobile (i believed he changed telco when he signed for the fibre optic).

see what kind of person i have to put up with? doesn't lift a finger to help teach kids and still dared to comment that i multi-tasked mobile with kids, which i have stopped, but he is now surgically attached to his mobile. then again, it is ok for him but not anyone else.

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