Thursday, 29 May 2014

Lime Butterfly

yeay!!! big pupa has turned into lime butterfly.

as bry is currently in school, i promised him that he will be the one to release it, the butterfly will taste freedom in the evening.

will upload more pics later.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Goodbye Butterfly1

the smaller pupa turned into a butterfly last nite, Glass Yellow Butterfly. 

dom and i brought it to the common garden (downstairs) to let it go. as we were opening the cover, it probably sensed that freedom was near and it started fluttering it's wings. it flew and landed on a leaf shortly before taking flight again.

it is indeed at worthwhile experience to see the pupa becoming a butterfly and releasing it. we had this pupa for nearly a week now.

hopefully it will be the big pupa's turn soon. what sort of butterfly will it be?

Friday, 23 May 2014

Joo Won

joo won is a up and coming actor. i got to know him from the kdrama "Good Doctor", which is currently being consider to be remake in USA. you guys can google about the news.

i love medical dramas, maybe due to the nature of my job. Good doctor is a really well made drama and touches you in so many different levels. main character is a savant and had a terrible childhood, losing his protective brother and being abandoned. the story begins with him starting internship at his mentor's hospital and the struggles that he goes thru to be finally accepted by the paediatric team.

i seldom will brag about dramas but this, along with 49 days, made a big impression on me.

enough said, joo won played the lead in Good Doctor and he is a talented actor. off camera, he is as cute as a puppy. on screen, he is able to portray his character well. kinda of hard to reconcile that cute goofy guy with the character he plays.

other notable works, Bridal Mask which takes place during the 2nd world war. shall not say much as i have yet to watch it, but this drama shot him into stardom. he had 2 previous dramas which had very high ratings but he was the lead in Bridal Mask. it was said that Good Doctor was his most challenging work as he had to act as a savant. it is already challenging to act a character of normal IQ, how much more if the character is savant etc.

the above is vid from Happy Together which the cast of Good Doctor was featured (Cr: KBS World YouTube). they were all so funny. joo won is rather shy. he is more of an introvert and really is just cute cute cute.

i am watching the old eps of 2Days 1Nite Season 2, in which he was a member. it was painfully clear how much he was loved by the older members, more importantly how much he loved them. it was also during that time joo won was busied filming Bridal and Good, one can clearly see how exhausted he was.

he is currently in a musical Ghost, probably ending soon. he started in musicals in his college days and stated in interviews how he enjoys doing musicals. the reviews from fans who attended Ghost (may be a bit biased) were raving good.

hope to see him back on small and big screens soon. a truely cutie!


recently a parent from bry class came up with a contact to purchase caterpillar or pupa for the kids to learn about the lifecycle of butterfly.

you may or may not know, i am terrified of caterpillar and the likes of it. the tot of having one crawling about in a plastic container is enough to send me running far far far away. anyway, i spoke to the seller to find out more about the care of it and also to express my fear. seller inform me that i would have to change the leaves daily until it enters into the pupa stage and given my fear, it would be better for me to purchase the pupa stage. also extreme care must be taken not to shake the container unnecessary or else the caterpillar or pupa will die.

armed with these information, i decided to order 2 pupas for the boys and to self collect from seller. as there was a mass order from bry class, the seller will be sending them to school for the kids to bring home. as bry is rather rough and goes to after school care, i tot it will be best that i collect them.

anyway, i brought the boys along to collect the pupas and one of them is rather big while the other is tiny (see second pic). there will be no cleaning involved in pupa stage and hopefully we will see them change into butterflies this weekend.