Saturday, 21 December 2013

Kidzplay @ Nex 21122013

Kidzplay 21122013

bry and i went to kidzplay, a rooftop water playground. it is free and located in a mall which happens to be linked to the mrt. station.

both of us also visited the pet safari, a one stop pet store, and saw how dogs were being groomed.

a short but fun outing for both of us.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Sci Centre 18122013

18122013 Sci Centre

a trip to the science centre to view the titans of the past exhibit.

it has been yrs since i last went to the sci centre and the trip was truely worth it.

we took the mrt from sengkang to bona vista and a cab to the science centre. the kids found the journey enjoyable, as they hardly travelled on the train.

once the tickets were purchased, a big discount since the science centre is celebrating and those born in 1977 + a guest get to visit for free, we toured the main exhibits before visiting the dinosaurs.

it was quite amazing to see the dinosaurs come alive and the various bones on display. there were guides at various exhibits to explain but we didn't get to hear much as the kids were too interested to run off to see the displays.

i think the most enjoyable part was the waterworks park where they get to play and get wet. i took quite a number of photos of them playing there.

Monday, 20 May 2013

K Drama: Queen Seon Duk

this is really a late post on a drama. Queen Seon Duk was aired in 2009 and had one of the highest rating for period drama. i been catching an episode here and there but since it was nearly 3yrs old, may online sites do not have the links to the episodes anymore.

i must really salute the writers and casts of this drama. Ko Hyung Jung played the beautiful, intelligent adviser Mishil. i am blown away by her acting. she portrayed an air of authority, mystery and evil by simply arching her brows or a slight smile. no big emotional displays, just tat mona lisa smile. it leaves you guessing her thoughts and emotions. i think the most touching scene was when her abandoned son, bidam, first called her "mother" in ep 49(not too sure). you can see how touched and probably how long she waited for him to call her mother, they found out about their relationship about 4-5 eps earlier but never confirmed it with each other. once she found out that he was her son, perhaps she knew all along but pretended to protect him, she tried to get him out of harm's way and refused to allow others to harm him.

the other notable actress is Lee Yo Wan, who played Deokman. her constant mental battles with mishil, her devotion to her country and giving up a life with her lovers (first love kim yu shin, then bidam). she was truely beautiful in this drama. i am sure it was a very trying drama, having to film in all seasons and all sort of terrains. the love story between her two lovers was heartbreaking, giving them up to be married to her country. she was very beautiful in her princess and queen outfits. although i prefer the traditional korean handok in dramas like Dong Yi, both Lee and Ko were breathtaking in their respective outfits.

Kim Nam Gil, bidam, was one of my fave actor. initially just a bum who happened to be helpful, a little fool to lighten the mood, he eventually rose to become a key player. his parentage perhaps gave him a great insight to how to solve problems, ok some of his solutions are bit evil, but he gained the trust of Deokman and became her lover. this drama also gave kim nam gil the exposure that made him a star.

the last actor who i should mentioned is Jeon No Min, who played lord seolwon and mishil lover. he was a military man who was commander in chief. he was quiet and reserved, a rather emotional man who was happy to stand behind his woman and followed her every wishes. i think he was the only one who truely loved and understood mishil (in the drama). jeon no min had a similar character in family honor, it was tat drama that made an impression on me. in this drama, lord seolwon was calm and collected even when mishil ordered their son (bojong) on a suicide mission.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Passing of A Great Dame

Margaret Thatcher passed on 8 april 2013. she was probably the most influential and powerful woman that ever held office and it was considered quite a feat of women in the 1980s.

i feel very disgusted by reports that her opponents may plan to hold a party to celebrate her death. come on ppl, she has stepped down from office for decades and even though she ruled with an iron clad fist (she is known as the iron lady), she did so in a time when it was probably unthinkable for a woman to hold such a high office.

regardless of what her policies were then, i am not a political person but do admire her courage to stand for her and her party beliefs, she did so out of the considerations what may be best for Britain then. she was known to have a sharp mind and even in her later years, her daughter said that she still had that spark and flashes of brilliance that had served the country then.

indeed a great woman that redefined the times.

to be exact, she was really the man for the job and she went on to prove it to the best of her abilities.

i dun see how anyone should be holding a party to celebrate her death. i think the world would be a poorer place has she not taken office then.

Mrs Thatcher, you have given all and so much more to your country and the world. Thank you for stepping out and stepping up.

Useless Quote

useless quote from a useless person, who thinks he is so damn bloody smart and good.

1. the mind is like a knife, you have to keep it sharp.

yeah yeah yeah..... but what is the point of keeping either mind or knife sharp when you dun concentrate on the task needed. this was quoted in the context of studying but totally useless cos the kid was playing around and not concentrating. thus the simple task of revising spelling becomes a game for kid and person and only makes the observer angry cos

"study time is NOT play time."

Saturday, 13 April 2013

LeeSSang Champion

i never realised the story behind this song and had downloaded it mths ago as it was very pleasing to hear. i must say that i dun understand korean and rely heavily on subtitles to understand drama, variety show and songs.

the song was written after the death of a korean boxer choi yo sam who collapsed after a match and was decleared braindead on 9 jan 2009. he was a personal friend of LeeSSang, as both Gary and Gil were boxers in their late twenties. after the death of choi, it was revealed that he kept a diary of his hopes and dreams and fears. and thru the personal relationship, this song was born.

with gary simple yet touching lyrics, this indeed is a fitting tribute to a dear friend.

Monday, 25 March 2013

What is really Amazing

i am not on a mission to bash anyone, so if you are going to be all sensitive please leave this page now.

recently an article appeared in the local papers about how a lawyer woke from her coma. (cr: The Straits Times )

in the article, it was reported how medically it would be impossible for her to wake from her coma as she had something called brain stem death, plus there was some irreversible damage to her heart valves which only a heart transplant can save her. in short, dun wake up die, wake up die from heart failure. it was also stated how she "dreamt" about a man visiting her and tell her to follow him should she wish to move, and yet she "sensed" that he was evil and prayed for him to go away. she also said that the man threatened to take her daughter away and she renounced him as she was a child of god. then she woke up. and her damaged heart valves were as good as new.

wah, pretty uplifting and amazing right? wrong! this woman has been a believer for ages and probably can quote from the bible left right up down. during her coma, who is to say that her brain was doing some internal housekeeping since it was in a "downtime mode" and thus could have caused her "dreams". also the current medical equipment can only detect so much. true that they are very sensitive but there is always a cutoff. perhaps her brain was active but was not picked up by the machines. and everyone's biochemistry is different. you and i are two completely different individuals here. who knows, maybe during her coma she was given some drugs or whatever that reacted with her biochemistry and caused her body to repair the damages. come on, having a religion is good but just because no one can explain, one just credit or dump it on religion? hello?????

i would like to see religion at work to fix some of the problems we are facing now. take india for example, could religion give these rapists some moral? stop all these senseless rapes and degrading abuses that women has to face. could religion stop or provide food for the hungry and poorest in africa? make it rain and let them be able to farm. i am asking for rainwater and not rain food down.

now for something really amazing.

need i say more.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Monday Couple Daebak!

when i feel down, MC never fails to cheer me up. whether it is pics, cartoons or vids, MC is the best!

some of my fave cartoons of MC (cr: to baidu and RMdoodle)

 he gave the milk to her regardless of the previous pop idol gal guests

 my fave... totally love love love

one of the best vids for ep 135. Jackie Chan Jjiang!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Every Woman's Weakness. Every Man's Fear?

ha ha ha ha..... my fave MC again to create some laughter! credit goes to The YJS, youtube.

just date each other and the whole entire MCshippers will rejoice!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Monday Couple! You're the Best!

i love my RM monday couple.

er..... mr kang, you are so rich. just write more songs using your feel, soul and life!!!

Monday, 25 February 2013

2nd Session of OT

today is the second session for bry and, as requested by therapist, i brought up the brushing teeth to her. just a side note, the father went today and he thought that bry was going for speech therapy few days ago. no comments.

the therapist asked about how the situation is like when brushing and we explained to her how we managed it individually and expectations. i told her that i am getting him to brush on his own since he is already 5, my mum will probably supervise and i dun expect much since she is just helping out. the father mentioned that his target is for kids to brush independently by age of 8. the therapist, politely, state that at age of 5 adults should be in a supervisor role and getting child to brush on his own. i am getting there while the father got some baby mentality. anyway, when asked about my expectation, i was getting bit upset and told her that my aim is to let bry be independent and to make it easier for my mum, cos to wait for kid's neurons to connect will take eons and a little push is needed. if the therapist thought we have problems, she can confirm it today. i am not going to back down and go along his baby mentality.

she gave some steps to follow to establish a routine and encouraged us to follow. the steps are not too difficult and the only problem is probably not to get drawn into bry attentions seeking tactics and have a verbal exchange.

next, she went to taught some simple skills to correct bry's grip and asked if any one from extended family has the same problem. none on my side and the father holds the pencil in the same manner as kids (could be habit). she went on to explain that it could be likely genetic as the muscle or structure between the thumb and forefinger is weak, and this is clearly seen in bry case. bry doesn't have the strength to hold a small clothes peg open and place it on the edge of a container. i bought a new box of pegs for him to practice at home. next she got him to use a tweezers to pick up green beans and place them in a bowl. again bry did poorly and she commented that at this age he should be able to do it well and fast. guess where all her toys are kept, in the fine motor skills.

i have some catching up to do.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Happy Birthday Kang Gary

Happy Birthday to the heart and soul of LeeSsang, Kang Gary!

a very funny clip.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Occupational Therapy Session 1

went for the 1st session of occupational therapy with bry. today is just the inital assessment and to find out more details. the therapist spoke to me while bry played in a gym rm, he had fun and was amazed at the things there. we spoke about his behaviour at home, my concerns, feedbacks from school, behaviour at school etc. she then assessed bry writing skill, mayb a better word will be study skills, and commented he has good handwriting and able to concentrate on the given tasks.

i was surprised that he was able to draw lines using ruler (vertically but not horizonally) as i never ask him to do so at home and wasn't too sure if he does it in school. another surprising task was the use of scissors, i told the therapist the father refused to let him use scissors as bry may not follow instructions and may hurt himself. the therapist mentioned that drawing lines and use of scissors are essential skills for primary school and encourage me to let him practice at home.

i must state that i am not treating these sessions (have another one next monday) as quick fix to bry behaviour, nor am i using them as bashing sessions. the therapist did ask me some questions and i decided to be truthful regarding how the father (i always refer as the father to her) has different views with handling bry, even brought up the example about prof koh recommendation to sit bry on the chair instead of the hi-chair during meals and how the father response (summarised verison) was since dr feel bry is grown up then bry can go out and work. i think there is nothing to be ashamed of since i am not making things up but just being truthful.

homework of the week, she asked me to pick a problematic behaviour that i would like bry to change and she will help me. her initial diagnosis (do you call that or assessment) is that bry is not hyperactive or attention deficient, bry is relative bright and it is common for brighter child to suss (her words) out which individuals are push over (as in the case with his chinese teacher) or find loopholes to make use.

i am glad that bry is not hyperactive and hopefully with the help of these sessions and psycholoist, his behaviour will be better managed.

probably not a good place to mention but just briefly, had another arguement with the father over the kids's violent playing (re-enactment) of the cartoon characters. they were getting into an arguement and bry was getting upset and repeatedly told dom to stop talking. dom was saying anything to him but kept on his monologue, to the extend that bry was going to start crying. i had made my stand very clear regarding this issue, my decision was not for them to play/re-enact the cartoon characters and no more watching the show. i refused to step in to defuse the situation and carried on messaging my fren. the father exploded and kinda of trashed the kids' lego toys, shouting at them and me, saying how i am controling blab blab. i told him my decision regarding this issue and his reply was dom can watch but dun play with bry.

wat can i say. i have a bad temper but i will not harm kids especially i see something being a negative influence to them. his response was separate, separate and separate.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

LeeSsang Piano Cover

these are amazing!!!! i am now using them as ringtones!

turn off the tv

you're the answer to a guy like me


Mobile No. Changed?

this is really to let off steam.

tat Father got a new mobile abt 2-3wks back and since it is not an apple, i believed he had some difficulties to sync data to the new mobile.

so today, CNY eve, he finally took both mobiles out. obviously i have been curious abt the possible number change. come on, i dun need to contact him for MY emergencies but for KIDS. and should he just inform the schools abt the change in number but not me, it should say a lot abt this ?man?

kids got a little accident spilling the water and it was probably bry but he denied. tat Father decided to join in the "teaching" and started going on abt how bry should he continue will become a dishonest person etc. i got so fed up, and shouted at him to shut up. i was already unhappy over an issue with dom and now with bry. tat Father got angry and scolded me for being "not right in the head" cos he tot i was going blame it on dom (even though it was obvious who spilled the water).

anyway, i got angry and spoke loudly to dom to ask tat Father if there was any change to his mobile no. i missed called him and "behold" the old apple sounded. so i asked him. guess his reply. his reply was why i dun ask when he got the new mobile and ask now. WTF! i told him i was waiting for him to tell me, i need to know should i need to contact him regarding kids, i added that he wouldn't be informed should anything happened to me and the funeral home will not even call him. bit of history, he refused to answer any calls from my mobile. tat Father went on to tell me house line not changed, fibre optic has a number but not used, apple mobile not changed and i dun need to be concerned abt the new mobile. i told him he wan to use new mobile for his "extra activities" (whether he has someone, not my problem) is his business but i must know if he changed his mobile number. then he say he will be keeping apple as backup and will soon port the number to new mobile (i believed he changed telco when he signed for the fibre optic).

see what kind of person i have to put up with? doesn't lift a finger to help teach kids and still dared to comment that i multi-tasked mobile with kids, which i have stopped, but he is now surgically attached to his mobile. then again, it is ok for him but not anyone else.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Kang Gary - His music, His love, His life

I am really not laughing.


the girl who can't breakup, the boy who can't leave

You are the answer to a guy like me

pursuit of happiness

Kang Gary!

My fave RM cast. these are some stuff i found on FB regarding Mr Random Capable! (cr: FB Kang Gary - 강 개리)

he stays true to his roots and self, despite of the success that he has achieved with music.

the fact that Leessang stayed with the same management company until now, and how both of them are willing to forego material comfort to be able to continue creating their own brand of music. you dun see that in many celebrities now.

Gary Guard!

so sweet..... someone commented that the girl (in question) was his first love, i only knew that he wrote the 3rd song due to the failed relationship, didn't know that he has written 4 songs to signify the relationship.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

New World Korean Movie Feb 2013

bit late to talk about this but better late than never.

yes yes yes.... lee jung jae, my #1 fave korean actor, is going to be in another new movie! after the successful "the thieves", his new work "the new world" will be shown in korea in feb 2013.

lee jung jae is an excellent actor who portrays his character 101%. i have watched almost all his movies, from "an affair", "last present", "ilmare", "the housemaid", he is one man you can never get tired of. i must say this and i believe those who are familiar with his works (movies and dramas) will agree that he looks so good for a man who is 40. no matter which angle, beaten up or well dressed, running like mad or playing the piano, this man doesn't have a bad side. he just looks good!

another reason for me to be excited about this new movie is song ji hyo, our very own running man ace! she will be acting along side with lee jung jae! lee jung jae doesn't do much dramas, and his last few dramas were a flop (triple and air city). he is also currently filming another movie, about prince seyang, will be waiting for it too!

just a short description of the plot of "the new world".

A detective (Lee Jung-Jae) goes undercover to become the #3 highest ranked member of a crime gang. After the boss of the gang dies, the undercover detective suffers internal conflicts between the #2 highest ranked member of of the crime gang (Hwang Jung-Min), who believes in him, and a high-ranking officer from the police organization (Choi Min-Sik), who considers him as merely a pawn. (cr:

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Chicken Or Egg

was browsing on Youtube and saw this. simply cute. i am sure that it is very informative but i am really drawn to the presentation!

I really Give Up!

seriously i dun understand what is wrong with bry sometimes. he is forever looking for attention and can't even sit still for 5minutes.

the chinese teacher complained about him not paying attention and sitting still in class. i scolded him and told him that i dun want to hear this kind of complaint anymore. i even told him not to sit with some of his classmates, who are playful by nature. even when i read to him, he is forever moving about, either his hands or legs while seated. he just can't keep still.

the same old problem of forgetting is coming back again. i repeatedly told him to pack his stationary after use and to make sure that pencils, ruler and eraser are inside the pencil case. he apparently lost his ruler and eraser again. this is despite of repeating my warning amd writing his name on the items just few days ago. i simply dun understand why he keeps misplacing them. i am not being picky here over such small items but hs is going to primary school next year and he doesn't even know how to take care of such simple items, i dun know how he is going to survive primary school.

the boys fought again today. i really hate wkends, i am like the solo solider battling housework, bry (keeping him out of trouble), helping teach dom. now that school is in full swing, there are assessments that dom need to be prepared for. i repeatedly told bry to play or read on his own while i tested dom his spellings. bry just craved for attention every 1-2minutes, disturbing either me or dom. you tell me how to be stress free.

i repeatedly told dom not to play in the masterbed room, he sleeps there with his father, and keeps his treasures there too. i understand dom feels that by playing there it is he and his father special place. but the problem is that bry will also want to go in and chances are that bry will do something which will angers them. what am i to do? keep dragging him out? keep scolding him? keeping telling him to come out? nothing works untill anger explosion! that is the pure and simple fact! and it happens almost every wkend!

it happened again! i was in the toilet and knew that bry went into the masterbed rm again. next thing you know, explosion and everyone got chased out. the same old problem with dom opening the drawer and bry cant't resists to stick his fingers in, and dom closing the drawer to keep bry out and almost hurting bry fingers. i knew it will happen but why should i rush out of the toilet? why? these two never learn and i am getting sick and tired of dragging and punishing bry. dom should also be punished for disobeying me and playing in the room. i am just so damn sick and tired!

the best thing is that i blew up some saturday ago over the floor not mopped. before you start saying i am really some picky b****. let me tell you, with the exception of the father, boys and i sleep on mattresses that are on the floor. so i am not being a b**** for wanting the floor to be mopped daily. i also want to get some bedframes but the floor still have to be mopped. it is just too dusty even though i sweep and mop daily. i went out with kids and parents, he has always mopped when we were out. but that saturday he didn't, i think he was too busy surfing the internet. when i kicked a fuss, cos dom complained why the floor was so dusty, his reply was " you want to mop until when? for the next ten years?" then the issue of how he feels that i "chased away" the domestic help, so now "i deserved it!" WTF! last time got domestic help, he left everything and kids to me and help, while he busied himself with reading newspaper every wkend! now he is surgically attached to his smartphone and newspaper all wk!

WTH is "i deserved it!" i deserved to be treated like something to fulfill his needs? deserved to teach kids and get high blood pressure? he doesn't even teach them, even if he teaches, he is juggling smartphone and teaching. wow talk about what a busy man!!!!! i work myself to the bone and i deserved it? i cook and clean sun-fri, what is just 1 mopping session on sat to him? i deserved it???? i want to know what then does he deserve?

come home from work, got dinner. clothes get washed. 70-90% of kids teaching done by me. 90% cleaning done by me. on top of that i still go work at nite, twice a wk isn't a walk in the park.

you tell me. i deserved it? i deserved to put up with all the frustrations of kids teachings. i deserved to crack my head to plan what to cook for dinner. i deserved to plan my shifts around all the school holidays. i deserved to clean and wash. what does he deserve? to disappear for hours with dom and only reappear just before dinner time? to encourage dom selfish behaviour?


LeeSSang Tears

latest hit by Leessang. topping k-pop charts!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Glass Balls And More

 sometimes i really feel like juggler, juggling many glass balls and keeping them from crashing. being a woman with a young family is really tough.

i maybe working part time but my full time job is looking after kids, kids learning, house, cooking etc.

there just isn't enough of me to go around sometimes and not enough time for me to complete all that  needs to be done.

now let's relax our mind.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Feeling Blue

before i launched into rambling about how unfair this world has been, tot i would like to share some photos with you all. maybe to sweeten or beautfied things that are about to follow.

i been having this thought for a long time, how much more can i take all these. looking after kids, catering to their needs, teaching them, running the house, working etc. yeah i know, don't all mothers also do the same? sometimes i just feel like i am alone, braving and facing all these.

i am forever running, running errands, running around kids, running to finish the housework, running to finish work. just running and running and running out of time sometimes. non-stop running. and now i am starting to feel that all these running around is really making me physical very very tired. i want to stop but can't.

no point in talking about how a typical day for me is like. the thing that really sets me off is having to manage kids (dom now) after working through the nite. mentally and physically exhausted, coming home to coach him and deal with house. thoughts of revision and what is lacking in the house pantry fill my mind, thoughts of cooking lunch and dinner fill my mind, thoughts of what the kids will be needing or doing in the following week fill my mind etc.

when i coach kids, they dun pay attention. that is probably the final straw. i am not aiming them to be scholars but there isn't time and manpower to teach them. take bry, i only have after dinner (10-15mins) to coach him some simple language and maths. he is in childcare all day and when dom is back, i need to make sure he doesn't distrub dom or i have something else to do. as for dom, there is only the morning 1.5hrs to teach him the spelling and finish up any homework (not completed  before he sleep, he in school from 12-6.30pm), and revision.

can you blame me for being short tempered sometimes? or for that matter, having a headache, which i suffer from time to time? yeah maybe i am not healthy blab blab, but i just feel crushed by the sheer amount of things. the best thing is that somebody dared to point out that old ppl (grandparents generation or older) say headaches are caused by not drying one's hair thoroughly before sleeping.

hey hey hey hey! you know what i think? i think headaches are caused by having to juggle so many balls while running out of time. and if you dun have headaches, well good for you and it also shows that you are either brainless, simple minded or have little cares/things to worry about.

spend a morning in my shoes then talk. you wouldn't even last 1hour. cos you are nothing but a man-made problem, a man making problems for other ppl.