Thursday, 31 January 2013

New World Korean Movie Feb 2013

bit late to talk about this but better late than never.

yes yes yes.... lee jung jae, my #1 fave korean actor, is going to be in another new movie! after the successful "the thieves", his new work "the new world" will be shown in korea in feb 2013.

lee jung jae is an excellent actor who portrays his character 101%. i have watched almost all his movies, from "an affair", "last present", "ilmare", "the housemaid", he is one man you can never get tired of. i must say this and i believe those who are familiar with his works (movies and dramas) will agree that he looks so good for a man who is 40. no matter which angle, beaten up or well dressed, running like mad or playing the piano, this man doesn't have a bad side. he just looks good!

another reason for me to be excited about this new movie is song ji hyo, our very own running man ace! she will be acting along side with lee jung jae! lee jung jae doesn't do much dramas, and his last few dramas were a flop (triple and air city). he is also currently filming another movie, about prince seyang, will be waiting for it too!

just a short description of the plot of "the new world".

A detective (Lee Jung-Jae) goes undercover to become the #3 highest ranked member of a crime gang. After the boss of the gang dies, the undercover detective suffers internal conflicts between the #2 highest ranked member of of the crime gang (Hwang Jung-Min), who believes in him, and a high-ranking officer from the police organization (Choi Min-Sik), who considers him as merely a pawn. (cr:

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