Thursday, 31 January 2013

New World Korean Movie Feb 2013

bit late to talk about this but better late than never.

yes yes yes.... lee jung jae, my #1 fave korean actor, is going to be in another new movie! after the successful "the thieves", his new work "the new world" will be shown in korea in feb 2013.

lee jung jae is an excellent actor who portrays his character 101%. i have watched almost all his movies, from "an affair", "last present", "ilmare", "the housemaid", he is one man you can never get tired of. i must say this and i believe those who are familiar with his works (movies and dramas) will agree that he looks so good for a man who is 40. no matter which angle, beaten up or well dressed, running like mad or playing the piano, this man doesn't have a bad side. he just looks good!

another reason for me to be excited about this new movie is song ji hyo, our very own running man ace! she will be acting along side with lee jung jae! lee jung jae doesn't do much dramas, and his last few dramas were a flop (triple and air city). he is also currently filming another movie, about prince seyang, will be waiting for it too!

just a short description of the plot of "the new world".

A detective (Lee Jung-Jae) goes undercover to become the #3 highest ranked member of a crime gang. After the boss of the gang dies, the undercover detective suffers internal conflicts between the #2 highest ranked member of of the crime gang (Hwang Jung-Min), who believes in him, and a high-ranking officer from the police organization (Choi Min-Sik), who considers him as merely a pawn. (cr:

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Chicken Or Egg

was browsing on Youtube and saw this. simply cute. i am sure that it is very informative but i am really drawn to the presentation!

I really Give Up!

seriously i dun understand what is wrong with bry sometimes. he is forever looking for attention and can't even sit still for 5minutes.

the chinese teacher complained about him not paying attention and sitting still in class. i scolded him and told him that i dun want to hear this kind of complaint anymore. i even told him not to sit with some of his classmates, who are playful by nature. even when i read to him, he is forever moving about, either his hands or legs while seated. he just can't keep still.

the same old problem of forgetting is coming back again. i repeatedly told him to pack his stationary after use and to make sure that pencils, ruler and eraser are inside the pencil case. he apparently lost his ruler and eraser again. this is despite of repeating my warning amd writing his name on the items just few days ago. i simply dun understand why he keeps misplacing them. i am not being picky here over such small items but hs is going to primary school next year and he doesn't even know how to take care of such simple items, i dun know how he is going to survive primary school.

the boys fought again today. i really hate wkends, i am like the solo solider battling housework, bry (keeping him out of trouble), helping teach dom. now that school is in full swing, there are assessments that dom need to be prepared for. i repeatedly told bry to play or read on his own while i tested dom his spellings. bry just craved for attention every 1-2minutes, disturbing either me or dom. you tell me how to be stress free.

i repeatedly told dom not to play in the masterbed room, he sleeps there with his father, and keeps his treasures there too. i understand dom feels that by playing there it is he and his father special place. but the problem is that bry will also want to go in and chances are that bry will do something which will angers them. what am i to do? keep dragging him out? keep scolding him? keeping telling him to come out? nothing works untill anger explosion! that is the pure and simple fact! and it happens almost every wkend!

it happened again! i was in the toilet and knew that bry went into the masterbed rm again. next thing you know, explosion and everyone got chased out. the same old problem with dom opening the drawer and bry cant't resists to stick his fingers in, and dom closing the drawer to keep bry out and almost hurting bry fingers. i knew it will happen but why should i rush out of the toilet? why? these two never learn and i am getting sick and tired of dragging and punishing bry. dom should also be punished for disobeying me and playing in the room. i am just so damn sick and tired!

the best thing is that i blew up some saturday ago over the floor not mopped. before you start saying i am really some picky b****. let me tell you, with the exception of the father, boys and i sleep on mattresses that are on the floor. so i am not being a b**** for wanting the floor to be mopped daily. i also want to get some bedframes but the floor still have to be mopped. it is just too dusty even though i sweep and mop daily. i went out with kids and parents, he has always mopped when we were out. but that saturday he didn't, i think he was too busy surfing the internet. when i kicked a fuss, cos dom complained why the floor was so dusty, his reply was " you want to mop until when? for the next ten years?" then the issue of how he feels that i "chased away" the domestic help, so now "i deserved it!" WTF! last time got domestic help, he left everything and kids to me and help, while he busied himself with reading newspaper every wkend! now he is surgically attached to his smartphone and newspaper all wk!

WTH is "i deserved it!" i deserved to be treated like something to fulfill his needs? deserved to teach kids and get high blood pressure? he doesn't even teach them, even if he teaches, he is juggling smartphone and teaching. wow talk about what a busy man!!!!! i work myself to the bone and i deserved it? i cook and clean sun-fri, what is just 1 mopping session on sat to him? i deserved it???? i want to know what then does he deserve?

come home from work, got dinner. clothes get washed. 70-90% of kids teaching done by me. 90% cleaning done by me. on top of that i still go work at nite, twice a wk isn't a walk in the park.

you tell me. i deserved it? i deserved to put up with all the frustrations of kids teachings. i deserved to crack my head to plan what to cook for dinner. i deserved to plan my shifts around all the school holidays. i deserved to clean and wash. what does he deserve? to disappear for hours with dom and only reappear just before dinner time? to encourage dom selfish behaviour?


LeeSSang Tears

latest hit by Leessang. topping k-pop charts!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Glass Balls And More

 sometimes i really feel like juggler, juggling many glass balls and keeping them from crashing. being a woman with a young family is really tough.

i maybe working part time but my full time job is looking after kids, kids learning, house, cooking etc.

there just isn't enough of me to go around sometimes and not enough time for me to complete all that  needs to be done.

now let's relax our mind.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Feeling Blue

before i launched into rambling about how unfair this world has been, tot i would like to share some photos with you all. maybe to sweeten or beautfied things that are about to follow.

i been having this thought for a long time, how much more can i take all these. looking after kids, catering to their needs, teaching them, running the house, working etc. yeah i know, don't all mothers also do the same? sometimes i just feel like i am alone, braving and facing all these.

i am forever running, running errands, running around kids, running to finish the housework, running to finish work. just running and running and running out of time sometimes. non-stop running. and now i am starting to feel that all these running around is really making me physical very very tired. i want to stop but can't.

no point in talking about how a typical day for me is like. the thing that really sets me off is having to manage kids (dom now) after working through the nite. mentally and physically exhausted, coming home to coach him and deal with house. thoughts of revision and what is lacking in the house pantry fill my mind, thoughts of cooking lunch and dinner fill my mind, thoughts of what the kids will be needing or doing in the following week fill my mind etc.

when i coach kids, they dun pay attention. that is probably the final straw. i am not aiming them to be scholars but there isn't time and manpower to teach them. take bry, i only have after dinner (10-15mins) to coach him some simple language and maths. he is in childcare all day and when dom is back, i need to make sure he doesn't distrub dom or i have something else to do. as for dom, there is only the morning 1.5hrs to teach him the spelling and finish up any homework (not completed  before he sleep, he in school from 12-6.30pm), and revision.

can you blame me for being short tempered sometimes? or for that matter, having a headache, which i suffer from time to time? yeah maybe i am not healthy blab blab, but i just feel crushed by the sheer amount of things. the best thing is that somebody dared to point out that old ppl (grandparents generation or older) say headaches are caused by not drying one's hair thoroughly before sleeping.

hey hey hey hey! you know what i think? i think headaches are caused by having to juggle so many balls while running out of time. and if you dun have headaches, well good for you and it also shows that you are either brainless, simple minded or have little cares/things to worry about.

spend a morning in my shoes then talk. you wouldn't even last 1hour. cos you are nothing but a man-made problem, a man making problems for other ppl.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

We Are On Fibre Optic Speed

yup, we are now on fibre optic speed for internet.

i no longer has to torture my beloved Samsung Galaxy S2 or consume my mobile data allowance to surf, or even worst, do all my surfing at work..... *horror*

i can now surf and update at home.

Vids From 12 Jan 2013

vids from Cloud Forest.

Nice Pics - Cloud Forest & Flower Dome

just some pics. i am rather proud them! :P

and my boys.... .....

12 Jan 2013 _ Cloud Forest

went to Garden By The Bay and visited the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome.

i must say that these 2 places were very well planned and maintained. the amount of planning and labour that went into these places must be huge, and really do make singapore live up to its' name as a Garden City.

the cloud forest really give you the feeling of being in a rainforest, high up on some hill. the waterfall and mist (as cloud) really do give one a realistic feeling. the nice cool temperature also help one to forget that you are in tropical singapore. there are also many levels for you to explore and learn about our environment.

as for the flower dome, the plants are well taken care of and there is an astonishing variety of plants. the cool temperature helps the flowers to bloom beautiful. it was almost as if i was back in UK, where you can see nice big blooms. it was simply amazing to see and touch the different plants. makes one appreciates the beauty of nature. and with CNY coming right up, flower dome will truely brighten up the spring celebration!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My little man!

my little man, bry, has been really good these few days.

he is now able to sit on the dinning chair and eat his dinner without making a big mess or fuss. he is now able to poo on his own, sitting on the toilet bowl (without any kiddy toilet seat). he is now able to bathe on his own under the shower head without feeling scared.

he has been a relative good boy these days, able to play on his own and read books with simple words.

he has also been rather stickly, think just craving for attention, and cries when he feels that his toys (his soft toys) are not being nice to each other. ok, i made them (toys) fight.

he now enjoys watching Finding Nemo, he was so frightened by the scene which Nemo was captured, but now laughs along with Dory when she speaks whale.

he also loves Cars 2 and pretends that his toys cars are racing.

all these he can do on his own.... wow, my little man is growing up.

The Dreaded Chinese New Year 2013 - Preview

ok..... the biggest holiday for chinese is coming right up, yes Chinese New Year 2013 is coming. and i dread it. you may say "hey, it is the year of the snake and you are born in the year of the snake!" it is my year and i am proud of it BUT CNY gives me the shivers.

here's why:
1. mad rush of cleaning. just in case inspector relatives come knocking.
2. mad rush to stock up food. cos most/all suppliers will be closed for days, so it is like preparing for war.
3. mad rush to get new clothes, at least for kids.
4. preparing red packets. and hoping that i have not missed out anyone important.
5. bored kids. no school and they are at home.

i have already washed the curtains in dec 2012, so they should be relatively clean during CNY in feb 2013.

just have to start slowly buying frozen mixed vegs and some canned food. the fresh stuff, vegs and fruits, will have to wait. the worst is the price increase and the most affected food will be the meat and seafood, not to mentioned the variety will be restricted to the "big and expensive" types.

red packets as below. i have not completed the packing but 90% done!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Running Man Asian Tour 2013

there has been rumours for a long time that RM will be venturing out of korea and into our backyard.

after the successful filming at thailand, hongkong and china, RM will be off to another asian country. RM PD choi was in singapore in dec to attend some film awards (seriously i dun really care why he is here), and poiltely hinted in an interview that RM may come to sg.

ha ha (RM memeber) recently went to vietman for his honeymoon and it was then rumoured that RM will be going there. also many malaysian fans hinted that malaysia will be the next location of choice.

RM officially announced that it will be filming in two countries in 2013 but did not disclose the countries. rumours are flying non-stop on the net as to where RM will be going. it is likely to be two countries that are close to each other, then again which asian countries are not close to each other.

now, RM has gone to thailand twice (once with nickhun and park ji sung) so i dun think thailand will be one of the countries. singapore is small but RM can go play at Universial Studios at RWS. malaysia legoland will be another good choice.

pls RM come to singapore. i will not be there to stalk you but will feel good to be on the same land together!

Today Myself

now that lessons are officially underway at the childcare, bry has started playing "teacher" again.

he used his whiteboard and taught his toys about "myself". when i went to check on him, he has wrote myself, nose, eye and hait (should be hair). i was surprised that he could spell myself. i did teach him how to recongise and spell nose and eye, but that was months ago.

as i mentioned, a teacher is very important and am grateful that he has such an excellent teacher this year. mrs liang is really an outstanding teacher, putting the kids' welfare and needs first. although i must admit that i sometimes feel quite stressed to re-enforce/follow-up on the teachings at home, but it is worth the effort/pain/frustration to see how well bry has progressed.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Back To School

today is the first day of school and dom is starting primary 2 this year.

i dun know why but i am feeling rather anxious about him starting school this year. worried about him carrying his bag (since he is still quite small built), worried about him adapting back to school life, worried about him forgetting to bring his books etc.

i guess i will have more to worry about when bry starts primary school next year. gonna be taking at least 1 week of leave just to standby for emergencies.