Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My little man!

my little man, bry, has been really good these few days.

he is now able to sit on the dinning chair and eat his dinner without making a big mess or fuss. he is now able to poo on his own, sitting on the toilet bowl (without any kiddy toilet seat). he is now able to bathe on his own under the shower head without feeling scared.

he has been a relative good boy these days, able to play on his own and read books with simple words.

he has also been rather stickly, think just craving for attention, and cries when he feels that his toys (his soft toys) are not being nice to each other. ok, i made them (toys) fight.

he now enjoys watching Finding Nemo, he was so frightened by the scene which Nemo was captured, but now laughs along with Dory when she speaks whale.

he also loves Cars 2 and pretends that his toys cars are racing.

all these he can do on his own.... wow, my little man is growing up.

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