Friday, 4 January 2013

Running Man Asian Tour 2013

there has been rumours for a long time that RM will be venturing out of korea and into our backyard.

after the successful filming at thailand, hongkong and china, RM will be off to another asian country. RM PD choi was in singapore in dec to attend some film awards (seriously i dun really care why he is here), and poiltely hinted in an interview that RM may come to sg.

ha ha (RM memeber) recently went to vietman for his honeymoon and it was then rumoured that RM will be going there. also many malaysian fans hinted that malaysia will be the next location of choice.

RM officially announced that it will be filming in two countries in 2013 but did not disclose the countries. rumours are flying non-stop on the net as to where RM will be going. it is likely to be two countries that are close to each other, then again which asian countries are not close to each other.

now, RM has gone to thailand twice (once with nickhun and park ji sung) so i dun think thailand will be one of the countries. singapore is small but RM can go play at Universial Studios at RWS. malaysia legoland will be another good choice.

pls RM come to singapore. i will not be there to stalk you but will feel good to be on the same land together!

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