Saturday, 21 February 2015

Gardens By The Bay-Children's Garden 21022015

didn't know that there is this wonderful place, Children's Garden, at the Gardens.

there is an adventure trail, where kids can challenge themselves with the mini suspension bridge, rope climbing and a wonderfully designed playground. there is also a water playpark nearby. just nice for the kids to cool off after the adventure trail. best of all it is free!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

CNY 2015

May this year be filled with happiness health and wealth for all.

now for the real deal!!!

Mr Christon Lim (Heng Heng)

Gardens By The Bay. this is one place that is worth visiting again and again.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

EduSave Award Ceremony 25 Jan 2015

dom managed to do very well last year and is again awarded as the top 30% of his cohort in his pri school. he was also given the same award for p1 and p2 by the sengkang pungol grassroot community. what was unexpected was that he was invited to the EduSave ceremony to be presented with the cert by the MP.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

groove overdose! god the nation idols

been following this korean variety, RoomMates (RmM), cos of lee dong wook. season 1 of RmM was so so, kinda of like a love hate thing. love cos it showed a human side of the celebrity casts and hate cos of the lousy editing.

so season 1 ended and the remaining casts were seo kang joon, nana, lee dong wook, kim minwoo, seho. and joining them are, park joon hyung(god), lee guk joo, jackson (GOT7), ryohei, jung ok (veteran actress), young ji (kara) and sunny (girls generation). i wasn't very wild about the new members and viewed them as intruders with a few loose screws. to be honest, joon (park joon hyung) is like a 46 yr old kid who is forever fooling around with jackson. sometimes i think mentally they are at the same stage.

joon is a member of god, which gave hits like "Mother", "Lies", "One Candle" etc. the group was managed by JYP until they "disbanded". and thru RmM, i got to know more about god and their insane struggles as trainees and i do mean insane. you can probably search them but in summary, 1. they were kinda of abandoned (2 members were axed and kim tae woo added) for 2yrs, 2. they basically starved and used public and hospital toilets when water was cut off, 3. they were the worst grp when debuted and were almost axed if not for "Love and Memory", 4. they took on baby sitting diary and it helped boosted their popularity then.

let's enjoy some of their MVs.

after a break of nearly 10yrs, god is reunited with their former member yoon kye sang. kicking off  their 8 album with "Lone Duckling". i love this song for it is so beautifully written, as with their previous songs that spoke deeply to the listener's heart. another touching song is "The Story of our Lives". they also gave a wacky "Saturday Nite", which they basically went crazy, and "Blue Sky Promise" which they gave thanks to fans.

what struck me was how they struggled as a grp and as individual, bring to mind the fact that one day my fave grp will face the same fate. but at the same time god showed how they are strengthened as a grp. imagine a 46yr old dancing and running around the stage on their 15th anniversary reunion concert, it just speaks volumes of their commitment to reunite with their fans.


let's us give it up for the Nation Idols Group. god IS BACK