Sunday, 23 December 2012

Child Development Appointment

i made an appointment with the dept of children development (kkh) sometimes in jul/aug 2012. basically i just want to hav bry assessed by a professional and perhaps to get some insights as to how to manage him better. after making the appt, i did hav second tots as to whether to go. probably fearful of hearing that he does indeed hav a problem etc, or that it is normal for such behaviour etc.

the day for the appt came and we (me and bry) went. the dr asked some questions and i answered, giving some examples and expectations. this dr is probably some really big shot in the dept, i should be thankful for landing him as a dr. i mentioned how bry can get "out of control" during playtime, sleeptime and toilet activities (brushing teeth and bathing). he gave some recommendations, some of which i know but wasn't too keen to carry out.

his recommendations was to stop the hi chair during mealtimes and set boundaries for all activities, the boundaries must be consistent and made clear to him. example: mealtime is X minutes, after which food will be cleared and bry will hav to wait for the next feed. no snacks should he be unable to finish his food during mealtime. this i know very well. dr also mentioned that boys at this age will not eat alot but will still grow and their next growth spurt will be puberty. so no need to be unnecessary worried about food intake.

he also asked about bry learning and i mentioned that he doesn't really listen to the chinese teacher (dr himself say probably the teaching pace is not in tune with his learning, which is true and i didn't even tell him). overall, bry learning pace is very good and better than dom at the same age, then again could be due to the teacher.

conclusion: i think, dr didn't tell me directly, that dr thinks that bry is ok (in terms of learning and social behaviour as in not too hyper or isolated) and made appts to see occupational therapist to work on his behaviour (i think out of control). as the nurse explained, any follow-ups (until next appt with dr in jul 2013) will depends on the outcome of the 2 sessions with occupational therapist. lucky these 2 sessions will be near the house and i probably will drop him off to childcare after the sessions.

bry sat on the chair for both lunch and dinner today, so far no problem. maybe it is a new experience for bry, just hope that he will continue to behave.

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