Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Goodbye Multiply

not sure if you know but i migrated to blogger from multiply. there are features that i loved about multiply, mainly the different sections (photos, videos-no file size limit, music, reviews etc) which i can customise and personalise. perhaps blogger does offer such or even better features, i am still learning along the way.

multiply users were informed that their blog sites will no longer be available from 1Dec onwards but i am still able to access my previous site. anyway, i am in the process of deleting journal entries to clean up my cyber-footprints.

about 98% of multiply entries are already uploaded on blogger, just that 2% which consists of videos (exceeded blogger file limit) and some personal entries which are not uploaded. enerything is being backed-up into my red portable hard-disk.

i hope that i dun need to do another migration.

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