Monday, 24 December 2012

have yourself a merry christms

wish all readers a merry christmas.

i have decided to give myself the best gift, that is not to charge anything to my credit cards. this does not include stuff for kids, i am restraining myself from spending on myself. i think my wallet and bank account deserve a break.

i dun know if this is a sign of old age but i do find myself getting or becoming more emotional-less or less feelings. not that i am starting to view murders or torturing animals as fun, but i do find that many events fail to invoke much or lasting emotions. am i becoming less human?

things that used to go against my moral standards are still a big NO NO to me and i will not compromise. so my moral views are still intact, big relief here.

oh, before i forget, dun you go around donating copious amount of money to the businesses. almost anything and everything is so commericalised, distracting us from the true meanings of the day. BUT my bank account can do with a bit of donations.....

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