Sunday, 23 December 2012

3rd Party

recently there was a juicy news that took the country by storm, made headlines in the chinese tabloids papers and got the neitzens all stirred up.

story: guy and gal going to get married in june 2012, did all the bridal photos, wedding dinner arrangements, church wedding arrangements etc. just need to wait for the actual day and then legal as husband and wife. 2mths before wedding date (probably april 2012), guy changed of heart and fell for a "blogger girl (BG)". he didn't tell gal or family, just continued to show his unhappiness probably hoping gal will call off wedding. gal came to know about BG but pretended and even asked guy if got 3rd party, which guy denied. soon, guy family got involved and tried to make guy break things off with BG. no use. wedding was then postpone to dec 2012, hoping to resolve things by then but was then finally called off. gal tried to kill herself, talked to BG, salvage relationship etc but failed.

so recently, gal posted her story on FB and that became the storm (tabloids reported it once in jun 2012 and now due to the FB postings). there are ppl who felt sorry for the gal and supported her actions, condemning BG especially when it was revealed by a famous blogger that BG seduced another boyfriend at the age of 17 <BG age then>. some unconfirmed stories about BG being a serial seducer and sleeps around also surfaced, and how BG caught guy by sleeping with him. of cos, many females then started to bash BG as a slut/whore/homewreaker etc.

i feel the gal shouldn't hav allow the whole thing to progress to such an extent, involving guy family members whom she claimed hav always been supportive of her. there are now talks that BG may take legal actions against gal. still i can understand why she did all these, to expose the truth behind the called off wedding, to expose BG actions, to expose what a corward guy is <he has been slient>, to get justice for the abuses BG inflicted on gal's then pregnant sister.

if there is even a grain of truth in the unconfirmed stories, then yes, BG should be exposed and shamed for all the relationships that she has wrecked. if you know who i am talking about, you will agree that BG looks like some moron in her pictures. always that same smile and blank eyes, the only thing she wants the world to see is her breasts. someone even gave a link to her previous blog and i am so shocked to see her ID/cover photo, she was supposed to be in late teens then and posted a pic of her in some lingerie! what kind of upbringing is that!!! best of all, when gal frens informed BG mother about BG being the 3rd party, BG mother didn't think it was a big deal.

seriously, 2012 has been a year of endless sex scandals. mayb it would be better if the world did end on 21/12/2012.

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