Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Moving Up

Bry's teachers have been complaining abt him not telling them that he needs to poo and ends up pooing in the pants, usually he finally goes when it is too late. i explained to Mrs Liang that he is still using the potty at home as i am worried that he may play and hurt himself should he be sitting on the toilet bowl.

now i am not being super protective but bry has a bad habit of playing in the toilet, whether it is bath or brush teeth, and my blood pressure always go way up during these activities. now you can probably excuse me for not wanting to toilet train him on the toilet bowl.

taking Mrs Liang's advice (she strongly thinks that bry must be trained as he is already 5), i started to let him sit on the toilet bowl for 1-3minutes, just to let him be used to the height and size of the bowl. he kept telling me that he will poo in the toilet when he is 7.

finally last nite, he told me he needed to poo and i suggested to go in the toilet. to my surprise, he agreed and even tell me that he is a big boy and can't be using the potty. i was prepared that he might just tell me that he is uncomfortable and not able to poo, must use potty etc. he sat on the seat, resting his feet on a small stool and did his business!!! no fussing around, just sat and did what he need to do.

i am not saying that he is finally ready to use the toilet bowl but it is a good start and at least he didn't express fear.

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