Tuesday, 27 November 2012

No Snacks Before Mealtime

most parents out there will agree with me that snacks should be avoided at all cost near mealtime. what are snacks? they are basically junk food that offer nothing good for the body but fill up the stomach, leaving the child unable to enjoy the benefits of a healthy meal.

now, i am not professing that i am the best cook or mum in the country/world but there are few rules i live by and expect kids to follow. no snacks before mealtime (esp when it is like less than 1hr to mealtime), toilet is not a playground, adults' words are final whether home or out etc. i spend time thinking of cooking reasonably healthy food for kids, you are what you eat, and expect them to finish at least 80% of it. not extreme right?

wrong! all thanks to genius who shared a bowl of dessert with dom 45mins before dinner time! genius used to say no snacks before mealtime. this is the damn classic case of you make them you break them, others follow till their heads fall off.

see what i have to put up with..... and sometimes i ask myself am i the only adult living in this house!

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