Friday, 16 November 2012

For your (and my) own good


just gave a piece of work, doing a maths test paper from assessment book, to dom and in just 5min he is already asking for help. i been telling him since the start of the yr to learn to do his assignments (whether school or home) on his own, pretend that it is a class test etc. one whole yr!! i been telling him this for 1 whole school yr!

you may think that i am heartless and lazy etc to force a 7yr old to complete his assignments on his own. before you pass your judgement, take note that i do go thru the assignments with him once he has completed and during the time that he is doing them, i am doing the housework (not chatting or surfing the internet). and also, what is so wrong of me to "force" him to do work on his own? why must i help him be so dependent on others?

i told him time and time again that he must learn to complete assignments on his own. yes there will be questions that may stumble him, then he has to either choose the best answer or skip the question. his problem is that he thinks he must get all the questions correct (regardless of the subject being asked) and once he is stuck, he expect HELP or else he just simply give up MENTALLY and becomes dis-interested in completing the rest of the assignment. if he dun overcome this big weakness of his, then am i expected to follow him into the exam room or a call from him for help?

i am not heartless! i am trying to teach him and help him learn the right and correct attitude.

also, i have another goal to achieve. for dom to independently complete his assignments will free me to help bry once he is in primary one (dom will be in primary three). i have another yr (dom in primary two and bry in K2) to achieve this.

i am sure those of you who are parents yourself will agree with my current mode of action/teaching for dom.

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