Wednesday, 28 November 2012


you all know the temptations of online shopping. the wide range of goods, most of which are often not found in shops, and the savings.

i have been quite addicted to online shopping and it all started when dom was born. first, joining online spree for kiddy clothes, recently for bags and mobile casings for my beloved SII. i found this seller on Qoo10 (formerly known as Gmarket) for lego like toys and after reading the reviews (very impt if you are considering buying the products), i decided and shortlisted a number of sets.

there is great savings and you may argue that i am buying LEGO-LIKED toys and not LEGO. i got the boys transformers toys for their birthdays this yr and those were also lego-liked. anyway, i enlisted dom to select the final sets, he chose an army set for himself (not in my inital shortlist) and a police and fire engine sets for bry. bry is getting 2 as dom's set is more expensive and probably has a tanker + jeep + whatnots.

got out bry police set to build and true to the reviews, the parts dun fit very snuggly and i resorted to superglue to keep the part holding the front wheels from coming apart. overall, it is quite worth the money and the result is good. only other complaint i have is that there wasn't any instructions on where to stick the stickers!!! bry and i kept looking at the box (a very nice thick cardboard box) to figure out the positions but there are still some stickers which really stumbled us.

very happy with my purchase and can't wait to break out the fire engine and army sets.

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