Thursday, 15 November 2012

Blessing Or Curse

just venting out some steam.

i am currently working part-time nite shift, 2 nites per week (usually mon and wed), and has been working such hours since feb 2008.

i have to admit that i am getting old, body probably feeling older than it's real age, and sometimes it is a struggle to drag my sorry self home after nite shift and face kids and stuff.

still, the work hours are a blessing when it comes to kids. it allows me to be able to be home during kids' wake hours and coach them thru some studies. for dom, it would be the primary one stuff; bry will be preparing him with K1. also, i dun really have to take note of when dom's school is closed for special events (marking days and such), especially when my schedule is determined about 1mth prior and school notices are only given at the beginning of the mth. i am also able to relieve my parents of child-minding and cook for kids.

still, it is also a curse as it takes a toll on my sleep patterns and body. sometimes, i just want to forget abt everything and go to bed. alas, this is now a once in a blue blue moon option. anyway, my only complaint is having to nag at dom daily/weekly on the same issues and i am especially frustrated on morns when i come back from work. having to remember and juggle his school assignments/assessments schedule and revision, plus whatever i need to do for both the house and bry, it can be quite overwhelming.

my biggest unhappiness stem from the fact that SOMEONE kinda of expect a 24/7 on-call service from both me and parents, especially on days when both kids are at home. this SOMEONE has taken this wonderful mis-guided attitude to the next level, not bothering to inform me in advance of whatever plans are in store.

i can force myself to handle my work and kids commitments but i draw a line at IRRESPONSIBLE EXPECTIONS.

ps: sorry, my brain is rather sleep-deprived when posting this post. but i think you get the general idea.

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