Thursday, 22 November 2012

2012 Yr End Hols

yup the school holidays is here again, well at least for dom. bry is still attending childcare.

i took 3 days leave, 19-21 nov, to buy school supplies for dom P2 and managed to get most of the stuff. since i wasn't working and it was the holidays, i decided to use these 3 days to give the boys some time together.

on 19nov, i took them to the airport T1 Canopy for a fun-filled time. yanked bry out of childcare and we all took a short afternoon nap at home. by 2pm, we were ready to leave and reached the airport by 3pm. the boys love to take bus and we took 27 there. had a snack and went to Canopy for play. i made arrangement with grandparents to have dinner together at Astons and then we will take cab back together. bry loves to take cab and i decided to make it his day. grandparents were supposed to meet us around 6pm but they turned up around 4pm. i didn't manage to take much photos and the folder in my portable hard drive is giving me problems. this will be an ongoing post with updates.

this is a short vid o of boys playing at the playground. you may get neck strain from watching this but i am not sure how to right it.
there is a playground, which is quite similar in setup as Canopy, here at Compass Point. the problem is there you have to queue to purchase the tickets and there is always a long queue. on 21nov, i decided to give it a try and went there. i managed to purchase tickets for 6.20-6.50pm slot and brought the boys there after dinner.

personally i think Canopy is much better than this playground, but kids being kids love new stuff.

vids are coming soon. be patient

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