Saturday, 1 November 2014

It's 2AM, Let's Talk

I think the pic speaks for itself. Yes it is 2AM and they are back with a brand new album.

this will be the group 3 full album. bit of history first. i am relative new to kpop and first heard of 2AM from the drama "Personal Taste" which starred Lee MinHo, Son YeJin and Im SeulOng. it was the track "Like A Fool" tat caught my attention, which i then subsequently downloaded.

even then i wasn't madly in love with the boys until i started watching WGM Adams Couple. as you all know, WGM is a fake marriage show and Adams Couple was one of the most loved couple. it was thru Adams Couple tat i got to know 2AM.

Their hit song then was "Even if I die I can't let you go" and there was one ep where it showed the boys filming the MV.

Even If I Die I Can't Let You Go (Credit: uploader)

ok, enough history!

now with their latest album, Let's Talk. there are 14 tracks and you can find them on youtube. my personal faves are"Days like today", "Over the destiny", "To.AM", "I know", "Happy End", "Love Actually", "All Right" and ChangMin "You're Mine". my bias is SeulOng, but his solo isn't doing anything for me.

Days Like Today (Credit: JYP)

Over The Destiny (Credit" JYP)

To. AM

all the songs in this album showcased the boys' vocal perfectly. the 2 main tracks, Days and Over, are so well written and watching the MV just draws you into the emotions of the songs. as expected, 2AM live up to their name as a ballad group, belting out emotional love songs and drawing you in with their vocal harmony. the main vocal is ChangMin and Jo Kwon, and until this album do i truely acknowledged ChangMin's powerful vocal.

ChangMin and Melody Days "The Very Last First (Credit: LoveKpopsubs)

Jo Kwon is well known for his powerful vocal too. just listen to his duet with GaIn (BEG)"We Fell In Love" and his "The Day of Confession". after toiling for years as a trainee, he is finally seeing the fruits of his labour.

what i really admire about 2AM is the struggles they went thru to get to where they are today. being a brother group to a more successful 2PM, i sometimes feel that 2AM is being ignored and not invested as much as 2PM by JYP. there was a programme where by 2AM talked about their struggles and it really brings tears to my eye. i am sure that there are many in the kpop industry who are struggling too and it just goes to show how competitive and unforgiving the industry is.

still, i do how that more ppl will get to know 2AM and most important of all, enjoy their songs. i relied heavily on Soompi and youtube to get informations and really must thank the hardworking contributors for all their hard work.

please enjoy the vids and i can't wait to get my hands on Let's Talk!!!

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