Thursday, 27 November 2014

Explorer Kids @ Downtown East

went to explorer kids with the kids. the best thing abt this trip is that there is a direct bus to downtown east and the price is reasonable for an indoor playground.

dom went there as a reward trip for doing well for his final yr exams with the school and he came home singing praises of the place. the cool thing is there is a indoor adventure circuit there, you know those types you get hooked to some harness and walk over ropes and stuff. i wanted the kids to try that, cos it is really a safe and confidence booster.

anyway, we almost had the whole place to ourselves if not for a studentcare group.

the place was big, too bad that the Ball O City was under maintenance else it would have been more fun for the kids. the mega play was huge and well maintained, there are many climbing challenges, slides and tunnels. they had fun running wild thru the mega play.

there was also the Cliff, bit of a safe wall climbing. another impt point abt the place which i encourage them to try.

the highlight was dom going thru the Adventure circuit. i couldn't believe how high it was. ok, i am short and the floor was uneven to minic slopes but there was a section where the ropes were higher than me. dom had a challenging time, kept telling us he want to come down. there were a few sections where it was quite shaky and he was probably frightened. he was ok once he completed the whole circuit. for S$5.50 per circuit, i would say it is very very worth the money paid.

ok pics time.

vids time

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