Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Wedding Shoot That Is Totally 4D 鄭俊英❤鄭柔美(俊美夫婦)

first off, i must credit the awesome contributors from the Official Jung Jung Young Jung Yoo Mi WGM cos i got the pics from them. a big thank you to them for making the screencaps and sharing what they found on the internet.

this is my current fave couple from WGM. a make believe marriage between 2 artists. yes it is a reality show and it should be taken with a pinch of salt. afterall, this is like a job to the artists and they have to make sure that the audience/viewers believe in their marriage.

as mentioned previously, hubby is a newly minted rocker (although he has been performing previously but never debuted. see this JJY emergency rm); wifey is an actress with 9yrs and countless of projects under her belt, such as Dong Yi and RoofTop Prince. she is in hubby MV, JJY The Sense of an Ending)

they did their wedding shoot recently and these are some of the highlights.

still acceptable right?? how about these?

this theme was from hubby who wanted a dark theme. and they put it off perfectly. maybe it is just me cos this is the first time i see such a wide variety of theme in a wedding photo shoot.

do look out for the links to the Wedding Shoot 2. you will love this couple as much as me too!

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