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Dr Oz’s Ultimate Checklist: Supplements

Dr Oz 's Ultimate Checklist: Supplements every woman over 40 needs

Dr Oz’s Ultimate Checklist: Supplements

1.       Multivitamin

Dr Oz said that a multivitamin can help fend off heart disease, breast cancer and colon cancer.  In a study done on 3 million people, only 1% of the people were found to get enough nutrients and vitamins from their diet alone.  So even if you think you are getting enough in your diet, think of the multivitamin as an insurance policy that guarantees you will get everything your body needs no matter what.  Look for a multivitamin that contains Vitamin B, C, E and Zinc.  Dr Oz said to avoid mega doses, like supplements that say 500% of your daily need.  Also, he suggests avoiding iron unless you are menstruating.  Dr Oz suggests splitting up when you take your multivitamin so that you take half in the morning and half in the evening, because your body can only absorb a certain amount of vitamins at any given time.  Any leftover vitamins are generally released from your body in urine.  Plus, you don’t want your body to have highs and lows of vitamins.  Dr Oz said you can get 50 tablets for $9.99, but the multivitamins that I get at Whole Foods actually cost quite a bit more.  However, my multivitamin is fantastic because all of the vitamins and nutrients are derived from actual food, so your body can absorb it easier.  What is your favorite multivitamin?  Leave a comment below and share with everyone!

2.       Calcium / Magnesium

Dr Oz said that Calcium and Magnesium are important for your muscles, bones and teeth.  Dr Oz suggested taking 600 mg of calcium with 400 mg of magnesium to help fend off Osteoporosis.  Calcium all alone can be constipating, but the magnesium will help with that.  Also, magnesium relaxes your arteries so that you won’t get heart problems from the calcium.  Dr Oz said that you should not take calcium within two hours of taking other pills, because calcium can block your body from absorbing other nutrients.  Also, take your calcium supplement with a full glass of water.

3.       Vitamin D

Dr Oz said that Vitamin D helps your body to absorb calcium and is key to your nervous system, plus Vitamin D even helps to improve your orgasm quality!  If you live North of Atlanta or have dark skin, then you probably don’t get enough Vitamin D from the sun.  Take 1000 IU of Vitamin D with your breakfast, preferably with milk or yogurt because it is fat soluble.

4.       Fish Oil

Dr Oz said that Fish Oil helps your important organs like your brain and heart.  Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids called DHA and EPA which are good for your brain, heart, lower your risk of heart attack, and reduce your risk of breast cancer by over 30%.  Imagine that your body is like a wood board, and a drill bit is like inflammation, toxins in the environment and stress in life.  If you apply the drill to the wooden board, you will get smoke and irritation, but if you take omega 3 fats and fill up the hole, then damage is minimized.  Dr Oz said that some people are worried about mercury and PCB, and this has always been one of my key concerns.  In fact, Dr Oz had a guest a while back who had recommended Krill Oil for this exact reason.  However, Tod Cooperman, the president of, said that they did a test and found no detectable amount of mercury in fish oil and very small amounts of PCB, which was even lower than the amount that you would get through a fish meal.  However, Cooperman said that some fish oil supplements have less DHA or EPA than they claim and some supplements were spoiled which makes a more fishy taste.  Keep your fish oil in the fridge to make it last longer.  Dr Oz recommends taking 600 mg of DHA Omega 3′s with breakfast and said that 60 pills cost around $12.

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