Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Wow Oh Wow 22 jun 2012

i bought a K1 maths assessment book for bry and am using it to teach him, will usually let him do a couple of pages once every 2 days or so.

we are currently at the section that teaches addition and subtraction, started with simple sums like 1+1 etc with pictures to help him count. yesterday we were at this page, again with pictures and number sentences, and he told me that he knows exactly what to do and asked me not to help him. he counted the pictures correctly and told me that 4+3= 7! i let him finished off 2 pages then brought out the counting beads and tested him. told him that if i have 3 red and 4 pink beads, how many beads did i have together, and he counted the beads correctly.

to think that i almost vomitted blood teaching him last couple of weeks, last evening was worth it.

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