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From Multipy 2011 Jul-Dec

Railway Walk (4jul 2011)
 finally KTM has moved out of singapore and that means we no longer have another country conducting immigration checks right smack in the middle of our country. seriously, this is highly unusual and i have no interest to dig into the history. another plus pt, no way for ppl to commit sucide infront of the train. dun laugh, it happened and think twice since i started working, and at the tracks near dover

ah gong brought us to the RailMall where we found a fat squirrel there and a great playground with excerise equipments. made a lot of noises there and the private residents must be thinking no more train but noisy kids.
as the excerise equipments are meant for adults, the kids improvised to use them. Xiao Jiu happened to be free and was having a fun time to handle the kids.
as for the Railway walk, it was an experience and we managed to see so many different things. there were also quite a number of ppl walking and taking pics of the railway, how i wished i had managed to buy the camera and will be able to take lots of pics.

And We Are IN!!! (21jul 2011)
Schools Conducting Balloting (as at 20 July 2011)
If there are no withdrawals, these 28 schools listed below will be conducting balloting at Phase 2B on Friday, 22 July 2011. The schools have informed parents concerned of the balloting time. Parents are welcome to witness the conduct of the balloting.
this is from MOE website!

we are within 1km and will not be taking part in the balloting process. we are in!!! yes yes yes!

Do They Look Like Twins? (16 aug 2011)

Nikon L120 (23 aug 2011)

yes yes yes.

i finally bought it, Nikon L120. 14megapixels with 21x optical zoom, at a price of S$399. the only down side is that i didn't get it in wine red but chrome black instead, red was out of stock. still it is easy to use, although i have to set the flash to auto everytime and pop the flash out every time. another thing to remember is to remove the len cover before switching it on.

give me a few more sessions with it and i will be come a pro! the next big event is to use during dom's birthday.

I Can Button My Own Shirt (8 sept 2011)

we usually have to button bry's shirt (childcare uniform or outdoor shirt) but yesterday morning (7/9/2011) he refused my help and did all 4 buttons himself!

i was multi-tasking, helping dom read a storybook and getting bry dressed, and tot that he would probably struggle and call for help soon. surprisingly, he did all the buttons within 10mins or less.

so proud of him! even though he is rather playful.

Dom 6th Birthday - At Childcare (14 sept 2011)

yesterday was dom 6th birthday and we had it celebrated at childcare with his classmates. this will be the last yr he spend in childcare and would be meaningful to celebrate with his classmates.

There Is A "Snake" In My Class (14 sept 2011)

i always teased dom about his classmates all being born in the yr of rooster. he will replied that there is a snake among his friends, finally he told me one of his classmates' surname is "she".
ABC (16 sept 2011)

A B C D E F G - A Boy Can Do Everything For Girl.

H I J K - He Is Just Kidding

Black And White (22sept 2011)

the beauty of B/W photos, they have a certain air of beauty compared to coloured ones.

Nice Wedding Favour (11 oct 2011)

this is from a collegue's wedding. nice.

Da Jiu & Family 2011 (11 oct 2011)

Da Jiu and family came back for a visit and you can view some of the pics from Da Jiu & Family 2011 album.

the last time they came back was to take the family portrait and Sin Yih said then that she liked Dom cos Bry was rather childish. this time round Sin Yih has found Bry to be her idea playmate and Bry has taken a liking to her. both of them hit off immediately and were inseparatable for the times they were together.

Bry even cried when going to sleep and when he woke up, kept wanting to be with her and even to the extent of giving up his "lennys". it was joy to watch them played, sharing toys and making up stories together. we had lunch and dinner together, and they both sat and ate together. if one was going to eat meat/veg etc, the other would insist to have the same food. on the final day dinner at Ikea, they even wanted to go wash hands and toilet together, holding hands as they went everywhere.

Sin Yih is a very mature girl, a well rounded child. maybe soon she will have a younger sibling.

Some Nice Flora And Fauna Pics (2nov2011)

One For The Money (3nov 2011)
from print to screen. a long-awaited project

Dust? (29nov 2011)
from FB... ...
woman: any diamond less than 1 carat is dust... ....

Dun Judge (12 dec 2011)

am feeling damn fed up with ppl judging me for my actions, intentions and whatever hell they can find.

if you would have reacted in same or similiar manner as me in the given situation, then keep your "holier-than-thou" attitude shut.

Primary One, Here We Come Again And Again (12 dec 2011)

i never knew preparing for primary school can be so much of a hassle.

signed dom for phonics camp at NCPS, 10 days of fetching. it would be a good experience for him to get used to a structured school life, wearing uniform and shoes, get to know the school compound etc. granted that he may not learn much, depending on how much the camp covered.

(i never understand the concept of phonics. guessed cos i old school and were taught to memorise the way words are pronounced. that's another story for another day)

also tot i would be able to purchase any missing books during these 10 days. alas, i was so so so wrong. now that the camp is over, i am still missing 1-2 textbooks, 1 ring file and dictionary. unfortunately, i can't buy the file outside as it must have the school logo.

*sigh* you will see me going back during the last wk of dec to ***fingers crossed*** get all the remaining items. the main thing is i dun know if i will be allowed into school compound during term, if not i would have gladly waited until then.

Dun Pull, Dun Poke (12 dec 2011)

someone always tell the boys to be careful and not swing things at anyone, may hurt the eyes and blindness.

the same someone has itchy fingers to pull the boys' ears as a form of physical punishment. mine is more of beating with hands. yes you judges out there may condone these acts of punishments, just make sure i dun catch you doing the same or similiar to your kids.

i am not a doctor and may be making assumptations based on my shallow understanding. pulling ears with excessive force and over time (each incident about 1-2mins), wouldn't it also cause some damage.
mine would probably leave a red mark for few hours without much lasting damage.

dun tell me you have never been issued corporate punishments as a child and pulling ears is bit extreme for me.

Feel Free To LEAVE (12 dec 2011)

recently there was a major blowout at my place of employment.

there is this fella (filippino) booked her air tix for christmas break (from 20+ dec to 10+jan 2012, like maids going back for home leave) even before we could confirm when we could let her go. i was the one planning the dec roster and, upon request of super, planned and finalised by mid oct; super immediately informed fella of dates to buy her tix.

just couple wks back, fella was still trying to get staff to work on her behalf and even mentioned she will just take urgent leave, with no regards what happen to work. shortly afterwhich, super and manager found out. she was still unrependent and carried on dragging, asking for chances etc. OMG, any sane person, knowing that you are in the wrong and CAUGHT, would have just quietly changed the departure dates. NO.... not this fella, until manager and super SPELLED out to her to change departure dates.

perhaps it is my line of work, working 24/7 all yr round, i tends to run into these bunch of selfish ppl.

many yrs back, a fren of someone, commented that his company's arrangement is "you take christmas, then work CNY (chinese or not chinese)", which is fair. BUT this particular "fish monger" (cos sell fish = selfish) took both christmas and CNY off! leaving his unfortunate SG collegues to work. i also encountered one who said CNY impt to chinese and she must go back to celebrate with her parents AND christmas must celebrate with boyfriend in malaysia.

HELLO!!!! do we SG look like orphans to you FT? i dun give a damn where you are from. you agree to work for a particular job scope, with certain hours and commitments and certain pre-agreed arrangements; then you jolly well fulfil your side of the deal. so what if we SG see our parents/loved ones every other days, does it mean that we dun want a break during the festive holidays. plus who says you must see your family on certain holidays? else, someone will die?

nobody point a gun to your head and ask you to leave your country to find work. seriously feel free to leave. be thankful of the chance to work here/overseas, cos you will probably be earning peanuts or having peanuts saving if you were to work in your home country.

still i must say, i am not against FT but only those who are willing to work fairly with the rest of their collegues! i will not be shedding any tears just becos you are homesick etc.

Patience Patience (16 dec 2011)

i have to admit that i have been very impatience with boys, esp bry. frankly i dun like myself to be like this too.

sometimes i ask myself whether i am setting too high of an expectation for them, esp when there will be "concerned"(or should i say KPO) ppl who will force their 2-cents worth on me. the common 2-cents are kids are like that, going thru a phase, will be better in 6mth/1yr time etc.

my question is if i would to do nothing and they just get worse or no improvement, then i have effectively wasted that X amt of time, which i could have used to salvage the situation.

i dun expect them to be angels or model kids, just kids that are able to live together as siblings, for short period of time without adult supervision (5-10mins while the adult tends to task or bathrm break), able to complete simple tasks (writing, colouring, playing on own etc). apparently these are too much, according to some concerned individuals.

i guess the other major contributing factor is my adult relationship. we dun see eye to eye in regards to certain issues. when a problem arises, his solution is the quick and short term type (usually) whereas i will be aiming for long term solutions that may be painful to achieve. is this the result of the male and female brain/thinking? i confided in a fren and she thinks that he is using short term solutions so as not to burden me. well, i wouldn't buy into that 100% cos the kids might as well go back to drinking milk only and diapers. and of course, who can forget that famous words of his, which go something like this "doesn't matter whether others/i am right or not, you just support me". WTH!

enough said, i shall try to be more tolerance and patience to the kids. going on like this will affect both kids and myself, in the meantime, i just have to swallow my anger/frustration, impatience/unhappiness, while teaching and hoping that bry will improve. i will try and try my very best, changes will not be overnight but i will try.

$$$ Bonus $$$ (16 dec 2011)

a love-hate relationship with dec. love: yr-end bonus; hate: meds, ok i hate june too for the same reason.
speaking of meds, dr lee decided that the next 6mth will be the last 6mth which i will be on medication. i hope that my prolactin level will be gd and remain in the normal range once i off meds. currently with meds, it has been hovering below the 500 mark (normal range). i expect it to probably climb a bit without meds, hopefully between 600-800, and i will able to go off meds for long term.

what are my risks for taking meds? well studies has shown that high dose and long term usage may lead to leaky heart valves. not taking meds may lead to increase in tumour size, drug resistance. i was off meds for nearly 1.5yrs after dom was born and the level hovering at the gray zone. somewhere between not too low to be ignored and not too high to be medicated. anyway, i am taking flaxseed capsules in hope to help control the level.

my meds are expensive. for 6mth dosage, i am looking at a damage of S$1k and am budgeting S$2k just for meds. this is not inclusive of whatever tests dr will be running, which are being co-paid together with medical benefits. another glaring reason why i can't leave this job.

enough of hate, let's talk abt love.

i love money, who doesn't? with my current/new financial situation, i am forced to take a long hard look at my money or lack off. as i am not too financial savvy, dun tell me abt investing or whatever crap, i go for the low risk idiot-proof methods which are mainly endownments (or forced savings). now my latest "costly" investment is gold.

with everything spiralling out of control, see not only me but the whole world is going crazy, gold is the good old trusted method/form of investing. i shall park some monies with the precious metal and hopefully see some fruits 10-20yrs later.

Cute Couple  Jung Il Woo And Moon Chae Won (20 dec 2011)

from Take Care of Young Lady

one of my fave actors, Jung Il Woo, with Moon Chae Won. totally compatible!!!!

The Princess' Man - Korean Drama (28 dec 2011)

i just finished watching The Princess' Man (TPM) on youtube and it was a great drama. i dun normally go for historical drama as they tends to be draggy and long winded with lots of hidden agendas. but i will strongly recommend TPM to all, i feel that the main theme of the drama is about love, friendship and loyality.

Addicted To Korean Drama (28 dec 2011)
have re-kindled my passion for korean dramas and have watched some really good ones (Dong Yi, 49 Days, The Princess' Man).

think the mentioned 3 dramas are a nice departure from the usual turn-of-the-mill dramas and certainly had very strong casts to carry the dramas' themes across to viewers.

as i dun have a fixed pattern of watching dramas, usually ended up following the actors/actresses to their next (old/new) works. for Dong Yi, i discovered Bae Soo Bin and watched 49 Days where i followed Jung Il Woo(JIW) to My Fair Lady(MYL); where i next followed Moon Chae Won(MCW) to The Princess' Man.

now i am watching Vampire Prosecutor, only 12 eps, which have a vampire working as a prosecutor to solve crimes. there is an element of darkness as he could visually see the crime being committed by drinking or seeing the victim's blood. the main casts are relatively unknown to me so i am really watching it for the storyline. see i am not shallow at all. this is rather similar to The Devil, the dark element.

i must warn you the Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is really a waste of time to watch. the plot is thin, a copy of Boys Over Flowers mixed in with Personal Taste (lead actress dressed similiar to PT). in terms of comedy, it loses it appeal mid-way thru and becomes painful to watch. guess most, me included, are watching it bcos of Jung Il Woo. i have linked 2 of his songs to the video sections, from 49 Days and FBRS. the ending is poorly done, this is a drama that i will not re-watched. chemistry between the leads is so-so, not the type that will have the viewers rooting for them. a clear difference from JIW-MCW (moon chae won) combi in MFL.

let's hope the writers of korean dramas will continue to dish out more unusual dramas, with a strong casts.

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