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From Multiply 2011 Jan-Jun

2011 - Bad Start, Good End? (4 jan 2011)

learnt a very valuable lesson during the end of 2010 and start of 2011, which left me feeling very disappointed and also confirmed that ppl has very different standards. i accepted this and time to move on.

with such a disappointing start to 2011, i hope that 2011 will still ends well. BTW, hope to embark on a new work schedule soon. *fingers crossed*

Grandma's Passing (4 jan 2011)

Grandma passed away at abt 8pm on 4th Jan 2011. she suffered her 2nd stroke in oct which left her in a veg state. it was touch and go then but she put through and was subsequently transferred from TTSH back to the nursing home.

initially she didn't show any signs of being aware of her surroundings but as time goes, she seems to be aware of ppl visiting her.

she has cared for us (me and brothers) in our early years and it was heartbreaking to see her suffered after the 2nd stroke.

may she be finally at peace.

How I Wish To Remember Ah Ma (5 jan 2011)

went down to the funeral home this afternoon to see. i was a bit taken aback by ah ma's appearance, cos it looked nothing like her. i guessed her body had really suffered during the last 2mths.

perhaps this is very foolish of me but i wish to remember her with her perm hairstyle. yes the ah ma that took care of us during our early years, someone who had the fight in her.

she had 84yrs on earth, a grand age to pass on.

Waste Of Time And Space (20 jan 2011)

recently i had the "good fortune" of learning that some people and things are just a simply waste of time and space.

the events / lessons are rather disheartening and yet showed how "blind" some people chose to be and still expect the rest to be on the chopping board. may i ask if an individual is unable to live up to expectations and yet expect others to tolerate his/her shortcomings, is it fair? when a person of power choose to turn a blind eye on the situation, should others suffer in silence?

the worst is when someone's situation changes and causes this person to make changes, does one still insist on the past contributions to continue into the future? when someone brings out concerns about the rest and person of power choose to "ignore" or give absolute ridiculous explanations, will there still be respect left?

after experiencing all these, i don't see a need or reason go that extra mile cos at the end of the day not only do people turn a blind eye, they will still "backstab".

29 Jan 2011 - Marina Barrage (31 jan 2011)

went to marina barrage and the place is really getting better and better.

we have been experiencing rainy weather these few days, probably due to the cyclones that NZ and AU are experiencing, so the photos turned out poorly due to lack of natural lighting.

we could see the SG flyer, and it would probably be much nicer if it was nite, with all the surrounding buildings all lighted up.

the boys had great fun with the water fountains and i had a chance to photograph them in an artistic manner.

Some Nice Pics (14 feb 2011)

Funfair (16 feb 2011)

there is a funfair being held at the hardcourt behind the SKCC. we went there twice and the boys truely enjoyed themselves.

the main highlight for us (adults) is the bumper car, which we tried the 1st trip but were denied on 2nd trip. the bumper car ride is a rare chance for us to "drive" with the boys and letting them have a taste of driving. needless to say, there were plenty of screaming and shouting. unfortunately, we didn't manage to take any photos.

as for the boys, bry enjoyed himself most when with dom. they did all the rides together on the 1st trip but dom tried some differents rides on then 2nd trip and could see that bry was so sad and bored.

the other fun thing we did together as a family was to drive the game aracde computer car (am not too sure what it is called, Day something). again, the boys had a real kick out of driving.

dom tried the mini-F1 which was fun for him. he couldn't really control on the 1st try but did well on the 2nd try. the other thing he tried was row boat, which was something unique and he enjoyed himself.

as for bry, he either wanted to do the rides with dom or one of us. poor thing, adults aren't allowed on the kiddie rides and he had to really sit them through with a bored expression.

"Your Head Pain Or Not?" (22 feb 2011)

my mum (po po) will sleep with bry whenever i have to work nite shifts. below is what happened one nite they (po po and bry) spent together.

background: bry has 2 blosters, which he named Lenny (good and bad), and he has to hug them to sleep. he misbehaved earlier in the day and i took away 1 of the Lennys as a punishment.

story: both po po and bry were already in the room. bry tried to ask po po to find the missing Lenny but po po didn't know where it was kept.

po po was lying down, head nearer to bry's mattress, and bry decided to lie near her. he started using his head to "kok" her head, this went on for a few times. finally he stopped and slept.

the next day, bry asked po po whether her head is painful after he "kok" her last nite.

conclusion: speechless.... ....

Nature Vs Nurture (9 may 2011)

this is from my many frustrations with dealing with the boys and before anyone comments on "they are still kids", "boys are more playful", "just a phase", "must be patience" etc, all i can say is you dun even know 1% of it.

been thinking whether to let NATURE takes her time and the kids can slowly learn whatever skills when their wires (brain) connect. until then let them run wild etc.

let me give an example: dom was wearing pants with zip (big boys pants not the elastic band, although there is still elastic band at the back and he can put up/down like an elastic band shorts) and he wetted a bit of his pants. what would you do? my approach, since he is going to P1 next yr, is to make him learn to wear and take off such pants. guess what, HIS FATHER felt that it was unnecessary and even told me not to buy such pants for him, stick to the elastic type. OMG, i rebutted him what is to be done when dom enters P1? am i to follow him to school and help him go toilet? you can make your own judgements.

another example: bryan's colouring and short attention span. i did what was/were necessary, bought crayons and colouring books, sit down to do with him but he just not interested. i am doing all these as preparations for him to learn to write and he is going to be 4 and still can't/refuse to colour within the lines. i went a bit extreme with him at 1 stage, cane, scold and threats but other than lots of tears and few acceptable pieces of work, there isn't much improvements. HIS FATHER felt i was too extreme with him and i agreed since it didn't yield much results. so i go soft approach but still no use. so what would you do? i am back to sitting with him, helping him colour, sweet talk, scold etc you name it i am doing all of them. this is how bad it is, he would "colour" (less than 5 small strokes) and tells me that his hand is tired. i teach him the correct way to hold the crayons, his way not totally wrong, he not interested. and when he decided to colour, it is all over the place! getting him to colour involves me telling, showing him where to colour, sweet talk him to colour, answer all his unnecessary questions and comments, scolding etc and all these will take nearly 2-3minutes to get a small area coloured. even then the result is not good. tell me how not to get angry.

the other objective i hope to achieve is to lengthen his attention span, he can't even sit still for 5mins and is rather disruptive at home. imagine me having to get meals ready and keep them from fighting. it is every day and i warned dom repeatedly to leave him alone and stay out of his way. what a joke right?

so now i am left with only few options, continue to spend time colouring and doing other activities to achieve my objectives.

Imitation - Fake Chinese? (8 jun 2011)

this is a personal fave of mine.

an argument/discussion about the chinese language, traditional and simplified. the wrong party was at the losing end and threw in "simplified version is the fake one, cos someone woke up 1 day and decided to simplify the character."

yeah, that someone is you. LOSER

 (10 jun 2011)

boys' absolute fave food and they will take 2nd and 3rd helpings without me nagging at them.

my version will have barley, green beans, peanuts, red dates, wolfberries, dried logans and dried scallops. the boys will ask for certain items, D will not eat logan while B (seeing D not eating certain item) will claim not to eat red dates but will still gobble up everything.

simple easy and stress-free dinner.

Yup, It Is Smaller (16 jun 2011)

Yup yup, i did another MRI recently and can’t wait to see how much i have to pay through my salary. The price of the MRI has not increased much and i am probably looking at topping up about S$500+. Can’t be helped. Another item that really can’t be helped is cost of meds. i will have to pay S$1200 for 6mths of meds but with staff discount (which means, i don’t use my medical benefits which will be swiped off with the MRI) i am paying close to S$240 less.
Anyway, the latest scan showed that the microadenoma has shrunk another 1mm. Great news right? Dr said the size will depend on how the MRI “cuts” the images and so he doesn’t think much of the reduction. To me, a little bit goes a long way and it is not as if the difference is only 0.2-0.5mm which i would have agreed with him.
Unfortunately, dr is a conservative man and using a conservative approach, so no chance of me going off meds in the near future. Hope Dr JJ comes back soon, he would probably off the meds for me.
Sentosa Skyride and Luge (29 jun 2011)
 Went to sentosa at the request of dom and paid a S$1 / pax entry fee to walk in via the new linkway. I must say that the linkway is well constructed with many different visual impacts and the boys, or rather dom, had a great time on their skatebikes. We even sat down at one of the many F&B outlets to have a little fruits and toilet break.
Once on the island, we took the monorail and tram. It is a cost effective trip as the rides on the island cost nothing and the boys simply love to take the buses and monorail. While on the tram, dom spotted the skyride and wanted to have a go.
Skyride, think Korean drama skiing scene where one has to sit on a metal bench to reach the top of the slope. Yes that was how the skyride was like. I was terrified as we were sitting on a metal bench suspended high above the treetops! Dom wanted the ride but he was as terrified as me, bry was brave and even wanted to stand up, much to ah gong’s distress(they were together, while dom and pop o and me were together).
Since there was no return trip down via skyride, we had to roll down on the luge. Think gravity and speed devils. It was quite fun except for the speed devils who came zipping by us. We were going slow to better control (1st timer) and not to scare the kids. Dom was with pop o and he wanted to go fast fast fast! I stayed with ah gong and bry, bry was ok with the ride down.
As the kids are still young, we bought the adult+kid ticket for about S$12 and I must say that it was worth the price for the experience of the skyride (took about 5-8mins) and luge (depends on speed, 5-10mins). I would go for it again and you should try it too!

pls note: pics taken from internet
Science Centre Trip (29jun 2011)
 Bry waiting for others, i helped him to wear his socks and shoes
 the N2 class getting ready to leave the childcare
 Bry waiting to get on the bus. his 1st field trip and he was looking at the bus
 Dom wore his socks himself and waiting.
Dom getting ready to board the bus.
Kids went on a field trip to the Science Centre on 24 June 2011, organized by the school. I took some pictures of them getting ready to board the bus. Overall they enjoyed the trip and till today, bry keeps talking about the things he saw there!
Perspective (29 jun 2011)
you all know how i would complain about how difficult the boys are and how they really sometimes drive me nuts. many "senior" mothers tell me that these are normal behaviour, especially since they are boys, etc. i always felt that some behaviours are a No No for me and i expect better self control. of course you may be thinking i must be crazy to expect self control from a 6 and 4 yr-old.

well, recently i had the good fortune of hearing this pair of siblings who are in their mid-20s and they are still trading punches during arguments. suddenly my boys are like angels! all in perspective!

but seriously, how can you still be trading punches at the ripe old age of 20+? this is highly disgraceful, you should have outgrown this by 6-7yrs old. OMG! if i am the parents, i would probably kill them first then kill myself.

now my new goal is for my boys to stop trading any forms of physical violence by 6-7yrs old, till then they can fight it out!

49 Days - A Must See Korean Drama (29 jun 2011)

i just finished watching this drama and i must recommend it to everyone.

the plot is a nice break from the usual korean drama and explores the true nature of human relationship. if you are given a 2nd chance to live and must collect 3 teardrops from friends who truely love you to live, will you be able to find that 3 teardrops? i know that i would probably fail.

it is so well written that i really feel for the characters, their pain, loss, frustrations and happiness. as the characters develop and grow in the drama, i can't help but feel that i am growing as well.

the ending is a killer, ep 18-20 are so touching that i can't help but cried along with them.

overall, i would say WELL DONE! please do take the time to watch this drama. you will not regret it.

The (Un)Beauty Of HD (30jun 2011)

ok, you will probably be sick of this but i shall harp on drama again.
nowsadays you can get drama in HD format. great right? wrong!
pros: clearer and sharper scenes; can really see your idols up close and personal(esp all those close-up shots); i assume the casting director will have to pay more attention to settings and details since all will be reveal to viewers; gather some frens and have an in-depth analysis on who has what surgery done.
cons: you either see the minor facial flaws (pimples, shallow pockmarks etc) or thick layers of make-up; you finally realise that your idol is an artificial beauty/handsome.
so are you for or against HD?
All New 2011 Elephant Walk-Off-The-Fat (30jun 2011)
dom watched an episode of "The Penguins of Madagascar" and it showed a threadmill-powered transmitter. after the show, he immediately went to work on something similiar and we just happened to have a toy elephant (ice age) that could work on his creation.
dom is really creative when it comes to building things and he pays great attentions to tiny details, being able to explain in details the functions of all the different parts. wonder what he would be when he grows up.

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