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From Multiply 2009

Reformed Dominic (17 aug 2009)

Dominic is now officially a reformed right-handed. Kudos to the childcare teachers!
He is now using his right hand to write and colour but using his left hand for everything else.
Hopefully he is using both sides of his brain, mummy hoping for super kid......

Bryan Talking Soon? (17 aug 2009)

Bryan is bit slow, compared to Dominic, in speech. Dom was already speaking in complete sentences by 18mths, Bry is still babbling away at 20mths.

Recently Bry seems to be able to string his words together. Favourite being " so and so go where?" Once you leave his sight, he will start asking your whereabouts. If we tell him that he can't do certain things, he will start asking why. Sometimes I wonder if should explain to him cos he just keeps asking why.

It is also cute watch and listening the boys talking. Dom will explain to Bry and Bry will babble back to him, it just goes on and on. Gives the poor parents a break.

Anyway, I am glad he is stringing his words. Hubby thinks that once he start, he wouldn't stop. Hopefully we will be able to understand him soon... ...

Lost In Translation (31 aug 2009)

What Bryan means when he says:
Mix = Cement Mixer
Umum = eat
Mi-Mo = Mickey Mouse or currently can be used to refer to anything
pea = green pea
blue = blue or any other colour that he can't pronounce
ma-mu = medicine
ji-tar = guitar

Update Since Last (4th sep 2009)

dominic has been selected by the childcare to present his centre song and dance during the concert. so proud of him. teachers asked him (selected him cos he has excellent memory) and he jumped at the opportunity. i have been asked by the teachers to assist them in the training, getting him to recite the opening in mandarin. he has already memorised it, and i think he is doing it quite well. can't wait for the concert day, will post the video clip!!

bryan lost his voice on wednesday, he was coughing away and running a fever on sunday nite. poor boy, couldn't speak or cry. all that came out of him was a croak. he is now on antibiotics and speaking again, non-stop.

Lost In Translation2 (9sept 2009)

as an update on my last entry.
a-an-gler = triangle
an-ish = finish
wa-wer = flower
my mind can't think of anymore... .. i must really write them down.

Dominic Birthday Celebrations (11 sept 2009)

11th sept
did his birthday celebration at the childcare. first time celebrating there and forgot to inform the teachers not to prepare afternoon snacks for his class and buy paper plates. lucky teachers and cook were very understanding and helped me get everything ready. i am most impressed at how the teachers arranged the children for a group photo shoot. everything went well and, as expected, the birthday boy was thrilled.

13th sept
birthday celebration at home. it is a blessing that my older brother was in singapore and was able to celebrate with dominic, unfortunately younger brother was in vietnam. did a simple stir-fry vegs, tiger prawns in tomato sauce, herbal chicken soup and ngoh hiong(prepared by my mum). again dominic was so happy and couldn't stop smiling.
look at the photos.... ....

Future of F1 (23 sept 2009)

the future of singapore F1 has arrived!

went to changi airport and the boys tried out the simulators. can you just see how happy bryan was. i was so worried that he will break something and tried to get him off the simulators.

Bry 2nd Birthday (5 oct 2009)

celebrated bryan 2nds birthday on 4th oct 2009. yup, he has been with us for 2 solid yrs and now is in his "terrible 2" stage. always changing his mind and getting upset when dun get his ways, plus pulling more dangerous stunts!

daddy decided to cook dinner, *heng* i did dominic's so can take a break.

our dear bryan was so stunned throughout the whole cake, candle blowing, cake cutting and present opening. he is probably wondering why everyone was here and why can't he destory the square thing with candles. dominic was so involved, as if it was his birthday. then again, he has got plenty of practises, he was the centre of attention for all the past birthdays.

hopefully bryan will understand the meaning of birthday party soon... ... dom chose the cake this year, bryan should be able to make his own decision next year!

White Ball? (17 oct 2009)

watching tv with bryan on my lap.
bry: mummy white ball.
me: what white ball? (i was looking at the programme, looking for the white ball)
bry: mummy, white ball. (bry pointed to my pearl pendent)
me: oh.... yeah. white ball.

And He Speaks (17 oct 2009)

recently bryan has started to string all his words together to express his wishes/feelings to us. eg. when needs help "Mummy/papa/gor gor, help."; when needs you to get off the chair "mummy/papa/gor gor, please get off."... ...

we are thrilled that he has finally opened his mouth and connect the words.

looks like the start of chatterbox and this time round surround sound (dom left and bry right).

Heavy??(26 oct 2009)

Dom has a rather annoying habit of passing his "burden" to us, eg bag etc. okay, we are more to be blamed cos he is so small and i never really allow him to carry his own school bag to childcare. of cos, this "burden" is not restricted to school bag but includes a wide selection of items, from lightweight grocery to water bottles. imagine him telling you that the loaf of bread is heavy.

Bry has also decided to follow suit. gave him a small bun to carry and in less than 2minutes, he said it is heavy!!!

let's all hope it is just a passing phase cos can't imagine them telling their instructors in NS that the backpack is heavy... .

I am A Big Boy Now (3 nov 2009)

this is about bryan. it is true that once they decided to grow up, there is no stopping them.

recently bryan decided to pee in the toilet, this is a welcome change as he used to be peeing into the potty. imagine having to hold the potty for him, wait for him to finish and then dispose of the urine. very troublesome. we wanted to accompany him to the toilet but he simply refused. he would push us away and tell us to "stay/go away", ensure that we have no intention of following him in, before he pull his brief down and pee. after which he would pull up his brief and walk out.

yeah, the baby has finally grown up!

When An-ish Becomes Finish (19 nov 2009)

bryan has finally stopped saying "an-ish" and now can pronounce "finish". he has also started saying things like "so many buses/cars" and "so much bubbles". now that he is more able to express himself, there is less frustration on us and him.

still, he is very stubborn and naughty. can you imagine that he would walk up to dominic just to beat him? or purposely follow dominic into the toilet(dom goes to pee) just to push him? i am punishing him more too, he is indeed more naughty than dom.

Faith Educare Concert 18 Nov 2009

the concert day is finally over. i must say that the centre did put in a lot of effort and the kids did a brilliant job. all the 4 branches put up 2 songs and dances each, by the N and Ks. perhaps i am bit biased but the other centres' items were bit "un-child" like.

anyway, who cares right? the most important thing is that dominic did his intro speech well, he wasn't afraid and spoke clearly. i will try to upload the videos soon.... having some problems trying to downloading them. i will post 2 videos by dom's centre, Ns song and dance and Ks song and dance.

i asked dom and he wants to do the intro again next year! so i told him that he must be a big boy and be very brave to do intros again next year.

i must really thank the teachers for all their encouragement and effort to train the children, and for giving dom the chance to shine!

Mother's Birthday (7dec 2009)

celebrated mother's birthday on sat, 5 dec, at soup resturant. younger bro brought his girlfren (charlene) along and CAKE! dom and bry were so shy infront of her and behaved well. bry kept looking at her. i sat inbetween the 2 boys and kept trying to get them to warm up. it was rather expected for them to behave in this manner, still such a big difference from their normal naughty self.

eventually the boys did warm up but still very "well behaved". dom was too shy to even thank her for the cake, despite of my constant reminders that she baked such yummy brownies and will probably bake more. bry allowed younger bro to carry him and even waved good bye to them(younger bro and charlene), but his waving was bit like the japanese "zhao chai" cat.
the cake was so yummy! best i have tasted in years, and i love cake! dom also loved the cake but he refused to eat the strawberries. bry, well, he just kept eating as long as he was being offered food.

took a video of the cake cutting but think it has turned out badly cos the lighting was very dim, still have a look.

Door Closing & Carpark (15 dec 2009)

remember the white tiger incident at the zoo? this cleaner jumped into the white tiger enclosure and put a yellow pail over his head while the tiger attacked him.

this is bryan aw version. we have a yellow pail, meant to keep some lego-like blocks, he will empty it out and put over his head. that's not all. bry will lift it up over his head and say "door closing" and start to lower the pail slowly as he makes the "dou dou dou" sound. go on the MRT and you will know what i mean. as the pail finally cover his head, he will give a loud "DOU". then he will say "open" and lift the pail over his head. this process can go on and on until he becomes tired or distracted. bryan aw version of "door closing cum white tiger pail".

he is also fasinated with carpark and will insist that he visit it. the conversation will go like this:
bry: i want go carpark.
me: we will go pass the carpark.
bry: no want go pass carpark. want go carpark.
btw, this is a daily occurance.

Santa 2009 (31 dec 2009)

a bit late but look at the photos from Santa 2009 album!!!

i have to say that my boys are so adorable, posing for the camera (all taken with chon wai's samsung preston). i hope you will like the cover photo, dom was doing the "victory"sign and it seems that bry was trying to follow. so cute.

next yr, 4 jan to be exact, will be time for bry to start childcare. somehow, i am bit more worried than when dom had to start in sept 2007. guess back then, i was pregnant with bry and preparing for his birth. but now there is nothing to distract me.... so crossing all fingers and toes that he would be able to adjust well.

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