Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Eye Candy - Jin Yi Han 10 jul 2012

Watching Time Slip Dr Jin n discover an eye candy, jin yi han. Tis drama is about a modern day neurosurgeon who was transported back to joesan era about 300yrs ago. There he, dr jin, performed joesan version of neurosurgery. Dun take the technical aspects too seriously n you will enjoy tis drama.

Jin yi han played a minor role in tis drama as the brother of lead actress in joesan era. A doomed scholar who was unable to pass some exam, he was the leader of a group of rebels rebellng against the ruling prime minister. Low profile n unassuming character with soulful eyes n a deep sexy voice. He is one tat will grow on u as the drama progressed.

Really felt a deep sense of pity when he was killed off in ep12 but a greater sense of joy when he re emerged in the following ep. I will probably watch some of his past dramas, horray for love n a windy day(not too sure abt title).

Eye candy n talented.

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