Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Clay Secon Again..... WEEP..... 22 may 2012

Been watching the new season of celebrity apprentice cos clay was one of the apprentice. He is just great in it and i found myself remembering why i rooted for him since american idol. To be honest, i think he would have made a better idol then and deserved to win.

Anyway, back to apprentice, think mr trump truely liked clay and clay made it to the final two. I only watched bits of all the past episodes for clay n skipped the rest. Well clay mayb gay but he is so darn gd looking n u can't help hoping that he would turn straight n to a lesser extent, find happiness in his choice of partner.

Ok, apprentice, lost again. Got the news from FB tis morn. Can just hear the millions of claymates weeping away, myself included. Really wanted him to win but given the ast tasks, clay has done himself n all claymates proud.

I still can't get over his slight boyish looks n excellent voice. I am rediscovering his music all over agan.

Regardless the outcome of tis n future competitions, clay has done himself n his charity proud. Thank u clay, n may tis apprentice show give u more opportunities to shine brighter n bigger.

U will always b a winner in my heart. YOU GO CLAY

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